Circuit Strength Training


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Circuit Strength Training and Workout Programs

Today life has become very busy. So there is not much time left for the people to spend on their fitness. So everyone searches out for the best fitness plan that can help them to stay fit and healthy in a time efficient manner. The circuit training programs are scheduled in such a way that a person can do complete body work out in less than 30 minutes. In a circuit strength training program the exercise are arranged in a definite order. The circuit strength training program is specially designed for the working people who are having only a very small amount of time to spend on their workout.

Circuit strength training is a workout program in which a sequence of exercises is performed alternatively with cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, running, treadmill etc. This program was designed by R.T Morgan and G.T Anderson in the year 1953.

Way of Workout in a Strength Training Program

The exercise and the resistance level must be chosen in such a way that you will be able to do so many repetitions of an exercise in a given amount of time such as less than 10 seconds. But the main goal of doing exercise in this way is complete muscle failure.

After strength training exercise the person should perform one cardiovascular exercise. After that he needs to perform the other strength training exercise.

Circuit strength training programs must be followed three times per week. After the passage of time strength of muscle will increase and you need to apply more resistance for better results. For circuit training exercises minimum space is required and more members can do exercise in the same group easily. The overall conclusion is that circuit strength training program is helpful in increasing the muscle performance, muscle composition and endurance.

Advantages of Circuit Strength Training Program

•  Minimal floor space is required

•  There is no need of buying expensive gym equipments. In this way you can save your money.

•  The person can do exercise in big group. It allows a beginner to take help from experienced mates along with the trainer.

•  Circuit strength training program is easy to follow.

Disadvantages of Circuit Strength Training

•  Circuit strength training program is specially designed for people wishing to improve their stamina or endurance. It also helps in fat burning. But this training program is not applicable for the people who want to strengthen their muscles and enlargement of muscle size.

•  One circuit of an exercise lasts within a minimum time span of 30 seconds and a maximum time span of 2 minutes. You have to do as much repetition as you can in this time span. It means that you have to do exercise in hurry instead of doing it smoothly.

When the candidates become experienced then they tend to lift heavy weights and to do less number of repetitions (more likely 4 or 5). This gives less time to instructor to notice the strategy acquired by participant during workout.
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