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What to Expect If You Discontinue Your Strength Training Program

Physical exercise of any category more or less benefits the body, provided it is done in the right manner as recommended by the expert instructor. Any typical exercise helps the particular body part or organ or muscle tissues, except a few that tones up the whole body. Strength training workout is generally recommended to build the body muscles and is more widely recognized by the bodybuilders and athletes all over the world. Strength training exercises also improve the heart rate and cardiovascular system of the body. This exercise has gained much acceptance by the people of all the age group irrespective of their genders. It has been well accepted even by the females of older age in order to maintain their fitness.

Several mandatory safety norms, dos and don'ts about the strength training are highly required to be thoroughly understood before opting for the workout programs. Even previous medical conditions should most importantly be considered to avoid future complications and injuries. Mindset regarding sparing time for the workouts, motivation, understanding the body type and importance of concentration is indeed essential for gaining ultimate success in strength training exercise programs. The real strength training consists of three different segments: strength development, cardiovascular training and flexibility or stretching, but the integral component of fitness equation is of course the strength training. Weight lifting usually provides the women with sleek and toned look instead of the muscle-bound stature like the body builders. Even from the biological point of views, women do not develop large muscles mainly because they do not produce sufficient male hormones and testosterones for developing muscles like male bodies.

Strength training exercises are believed to build stronger bones which help the women especially who are likely to get osteoporosis because of diminishing levels of the estrogen as the result of menopause or genetic predisposition. Also maintaining healthy diet and exercise programs during pregnancy could help the woman maintain he self respect. Strength training can also help them regain muscle tone and lose weight especially after the child birth. Strength training benefits improving the muscle size and toning improve muscle strength and enhance tendon, bone and ligament strengths. The exercise is also said to improve psychological health by motivating the self respect, confidence and self worth. Such improvements have great values for the physical performance, metabolic efficiency, physical personality and risk of injury.

If, for any reasons, the person gives up strength training exercise programs abruptly, there may be certain consequences likely to develop as the adverse affects and that could damage muscles and tissues to great extent. There are possibilities of injury also. Several side effects could include some or many of the following signs or symptoms due to sudden changes in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, hormonal status, immunological parameters as well as several other physiological musculoskeletal changes in the body that takes place after abrupt discontinuation of the strength training exercises.

Depression, fatigue, irritability, bad moods, anxiety, confusion, excitement, lack of concentrating, experiencing inability of going for training, sleeping disorder, bad appetite, shaky hands, abnormal sweating problems, raised palpitation, nausea, giddiness, raised heart beats, muscle soaring, menstrual irregularities in women, reduced performance levels, loss of strength, increased illness and frequent injuries, loss of co-ordination and so on.

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