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Strength Training for Older Women

Good, strong and symmetrical physique or stature is the dream of every human being irrespective of gender, caste, creed, social status or professional activities. Authentic research has revealed that systematic and recommended strengthening exercises are considered both safe and effective for men and women of all the ages, including those who are not in even perfect health conditions. As a matter of fact, people having certain health anxieties such as heart ailments or arthritis are often benefited the most with the exercise programs that widely consist of weight lifting training for a few sessions on every week basis as recommended by the health trainer. Strength training especially in combination withy routine aerobic exercises, could also pose the intense influence on the patient's mental as well as emotional health.

Weight training exercises for women have currently been receiving wider recognition and welcome due to their ultimate health benefits. You could hardly find a woman's magazine that does not have advertisements or articles regarding the various benefits from weight training exercises for women today. Typically as the person grows older, the regular strength training benefits them in many ways. Strength training could prove to be the most significant to diminish the signs and symptoms of various ailments and chronic disorders such as: arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain and depression to name a few. Many women are still diffident to accept weight training believing that it could make them bulky and diminish womanly looks.

In fact, from biology angles, females are not made to get very bulky like males. The benefits of strength training typically in the post-menopausal females are significant. Strength training exercises help older women in keeping their muscle mass and manage their body weights and it sometimes proves to be challenging as the women grow older. Usually as the person grows older, the lifestyle turns busier making him or her struggling in keeping the body fit and strong through strength training exercises including various other demands or wants he or she faces. Some of it could be just as strength training routines are usually time-consuming. The research reveals that strength training exercises for women are found to be permitting them to maintain their strength training exercises without excess time investment per training sessions.

This is known as the Super Slow and such method of strength training is of high strength and low in energy. This method is quite uncommon with every repetition being the 20 second cycle from the starting of single repetition to the starting of the subsequent. Nearly 10 seconds are used to lift the weight and next 10 seconds are used for lowering it with smooth rotation method between the lifting and the lowering. During the complete repetitions of the strength training exercises, the weight is loaded on to the muscles and the relevant movement remains sluggish and specific. It is noticed that the person spends roughly 2-3 minutes on each working machine before switching over to the next one. The whole body is worked out during every session and the person performs sessions once or twice every week. Thus whole cycle takes around 20 to 25 minutes in all.

Regular strength training by the older women helps keep her body fit and strong through her muscle toning and serves as the anti-aging process.

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