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Trimspa X32 Reviews and Testimonials - Ingredient Facts - How does Trimspa Work?

Patented TRIMSPA X32 completely ephedra free formula is a weight loss formula that features Hoodia Gordonii and is just amazing! Trimspa X32 burns body fat and helps you to lose weight and makes you slim and trim. Trimspa can be used with any diet schedule, but trimspa x32 gives best results when you combine it with correct weight loss exercise schedule and weight loss diet. And one more thing that trimspa does not contain ephedra.


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More Info

Trimspa X32 contains a number of specialized herbs and essential nutrients. It is a multi-action balanced formula and is designed to burn your body fat easily and naturally, while protecting and maintaining vital muscle tissue.

Before Anna Nicole Smith had taken trimspa X32, trimspa X32 was just like any other weight losing diet pill. But when anna took this trimspa X32 and became the spokesperson trimspa became very popular. Previously Trimspa X32 contained ephedra, but when in ephedra was banned in United States, Trimspa was made again and was reformulated into an ephedra-free version. Now it is one of the very popular weight losing supplement available in the market.

Does TrimSpa X32 Diet Pill work?

TrimSpa X32 Diet Pill is used for burning fat naturally. It works by increasing the body’s basal metabolism while at the same time stimulated fat release. TrimSpa Diet Pill creates an environment within the body that is most conducive to fat loss. Trimspa works with ant exercise and diet schedule. But it works best when combined with an complete weight loss exercise and diet program.

Recommended Use

Trimspa X32 works best when 4 tablets are taken a day - you can take 2 in the morning, 1 near the midday, and 1 in the evening (dont take more than 6 tablets a day). Take it with 8 oz of water at serving. For optimal results you should take it atleast for 6-10 days.

Trimspa Ingredients Facts:

Chromium - 80 mcg
Vanadium - 35 mg
Glucomannan - 300 mg
Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose - 100mg
Citrus narginine - 10mg
Glucosamine HCL - 100mg
Cocoa Extract - 325mg
Green Tea Extract (40%) - 250mg
Hoodia gordonii cactus - 150mg
Vitamin B6 - 3.4mg
Zinc - 2.5mg
Manganese - 1mg
Gymnema sylvestre - 83mg
*Lipotropic Blend - 83 mg
Spirulina - 200mg
Cinnamon - 75mg
Enzyme Blend - 75mg
**Thermogenic Herbs 520mg

Other ingredients:

Lipotropic Blend: lecithin, inositol, choline bitartarate, DL-methionine.
**Appetite Control Blend: peppermintleaf, fennel seed, bladderwrack kelp, L-glutamine,DL phenylaline, rosemary, l-tyrosine, bittermelon extract..
**Thermogenic Herbal Concentrates: Guarana seed extract (60mg caffeine), ma huang extract (15 mg ephedrine alkaloids), ginger roots, black pepper, long pepper, spirulina blue green algae, cayenne pepper fruit, kola nut seed, siberian ginseng, cinnamon twig, lemon, chamomomile...

Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmelose sodium, steric acid, magnesium sterate.

Trimspa X32 Testimonials

Trimspa Review - By Manu

I have lost in 8 pounds of weight in 28 days with TrimSpa X32. I liked it. It should be like this only - slowly, but continuous. Since I have also eaten ice cream also in between I thought that I will not be losing weight, but I have!

Trimspa Review - By Bean

I have just buyed Trimspa X32 and I will tell you about it after a week.

User Rating : No Votes

Trimspa Review - By Makkar

I have been taking TrimSpa X32 for a month now. I have lost 20 pounds of weight. It works atleast for me.

User Rating:

Trimspa Review - By Tanish

I used TrimSpa X32 for more that one and a half month and it didn't work at all. I think it is worth for a try. Every day that I took the trimspa X32 and almost everyday I used to fell asleep at my office. I dont know how I will lost those 15 pounds which are bothering me from the last year.

User Rating: Pathetic

Trimspa Review - By Amna

I take one just as I leave work (around 5:30 PM) -- this has enabled me to eliminate snacking (which was my weak point -- as soon as I arrived home until the dinner was ready i started eating snacks). I also take one just before I walk into a restaurant (another weak point for me - before I used to eat there too much). A friend of mine (who wants to lose just 10 pounds) takes 2 just before she leaves work...

I think that you are typically directed to take 2 before each meal (6/day). But not more than that.

I experienced absolutely no side effects while using Trimspa X32.

User Rating:

Trimspa Review - By Monica

Wow i've only used trimspa x32 for 3 days and i've lost 6lbs.. i love this stuff i hope i can keep it up.. i'm not to happy with the taste but you know what... i'm just glad its working for me...

User Rating:

Trimspa Review - By Kaps

Well, im in pretty good shape but struggle with 5 or 10 pounds.  Bought trimspa for the first time today.  Will write back in a week to tell results.

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Trimspa X32 Reviews, Testimonials and some Ingredient Facts