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Women Weight Lifting and Training

If women are interested in a weight training program then the first thing she needs to do is to look for an experienced weight trainer to make weight training program more effective. Also look out for what type of certification has been done by the weight trainer. In beginning you should offer less resistance to your body in the form of weights because the first task of a beginner is to learn right strategy of lifting weights not to lift heavy weights. After you have learned all the techniques or strategies of lifting weights then you can offer more resistance The resistance should be increased in such a way that you will not feel pain in the muscles rather your muscles feel fatigue. You need to challenge your muscles by increasing the resistance. This is also the right technique to strengthen your muscles.

When and what to Lift ?

A Woman can strengthen her muscles using dumbbells, weight lifting machines, calisthenics, stretch bands and free weights. She has to practice free weights in the beginning to avoid fatigue. Women often find it easy to lift weight on the machines which is safe also because when you lift weights using machines then the muscles inside your body moves in a certain pattern. This technique helps in getting quick results. A women work out session must be of 45 minutes to one hour. If she does exercise for more than this time duration she is exerting extra pressure on her muscles and this can weaken her muscles instead of strengthening.

Myths about women and Weight Lifting

Some women think that weight lifting exercises increases the muscle mass of a woman hence turning the muscles in big and bulky size but women not prefer bulky size of muscles. But it is completely a myth because the genes and chemistry of a women and men differs. The women cannot increase her muscle size after a certain extent because scientifically it is impossible. Some trainers suggest that to avoid this increase in muscle mass a woman has to lower down the reps of her exercise. According to them a women has to do a minimum of 4 to5 reps while a maximum of 7 to 8 reps if she is training very hard. But there is again a contradiction because according to some trainers more reps are for the toning of muscles while lower reps are for increase in muscles size. So all these suggestions can confuse a woman and kill her interest in weight lifting exercises. It has been proved scientifically that lower reps are nothing but complete wastage of time because the muscles do not feel fatigue during lower reps exercise and without this the muscles cannot be strengthened because it is necessary for a muscle tissue to break down and reconstruct itself for the strengthening of muscles and this rearrangement is possible with the help of hard training or in other words higher reps of an exercise.
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