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What Weight Loss Side Effects Are Associated with Rapid Fat Burning?

Weight loss side effects can appear, when a rapid process of burning fat is employed by an individual. Calories, in whatever amount they are present is the body, when lost at a fast rate can definitely irritate some of the body mechanisms. Most of the weight loss supplements and programs promise to help you lose more than 1 pound per week. It sounds exciting, but can’t be achieved without facing some serious side effects. Get familiar with these side effects from the discussion below.

Formation of Gallstones

Cutting down the supply of carbohydrates and an impulsive weight loss can lead to the formation of gallstones. Unbalanced levels of cholesterol and bile juices in the gallbladder result from strict dieting plans that can result into these painful formations. Once the problem becomes severe, surgical removal of gallstones is the only options left.

Loss of Immunity towards Shivering

The individuals undergoing fat removal surgery can experience a side effect in the form of increase body shivering. As obvious, the layers of fat on the body are resistant towards excess of cold. A sudden removal of fat from the body can make it prone to shivering.

Loss of Hair

Hair loss is a common side effect that can appear due to rapid weight loss. Weight loss diets generally contain less percentage of protein, an essential component for the growth of hair. So, you can expect the growth of hair being hampered, once you switch to rapid weight loss strategies.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Loss of weight by following extensive weight loss programs can lead to loss of muscle mass as well. It is simple to understand that due to the lack of enough nutrients in the weight loss diets, the body targets the muscle mass to get enough fuel for its day-to-day activities. Hence, you can expect simultaneous loss of muscle mass by following a rapid weight loss plan.

Loss of Water

Dehydration is the process by which body loses excess of its reserved water, which is otherwise helpful in various activities. Loss of muscles can directly lead to loss of water, which in turn can trigger other common side effects. These can include diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness and an overall feeling of weakness in the body.

Abnormal Heart Rate

One of the side effects of extensive use of weight loss pills can be experienced in the form of abnormal heart rate. This can further lead to palpitations and contribution towards the risk of a heart attack.

Skin Loosening

One of the obvious weight loss side effects can be experienced in the form of loose or hanging skin. Consider the situation, when the body rapidly loses weight, the skin in the expanded form takes time to contract and adjust to the newly developed body structure. However, it can be considered as a temporary side effect.

In order to avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned side effects, one can follow the weight loss procedures at desirable pace, so that the body conveniently adjusts itself to the new developments.  
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Weight Loss Side Effects