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Risks Associated with Weight Loss Supplements

In your quest of losing weight, you might be often tempted towards taking some diet pills or looking for some weight loss supplements. Even the health food stores and internet provides you details on hundreds of diet pills and similar supplements with many of them claiming to have extraordinary benefits. People who are on a weight loss spree will definitely get tempted away to try at least one or the other weight loss supplement. However, not all these dietary supplements are approved by FDA and most of them do involve some or the other safety concern.

Presented below are some of the risks associated with the consumption of weight loss supplements:

  • It is not necessary that the best weight loss supplement is right for your body. It can be harmful and dangerous since they are sold over the counter and not regulated by FDA. This makes them a lot more risky to consume. They produce variety of side effects because of presence of several ingredients and their severity levels.
  • Diet supplementary products and herbs contain antioxidants. These antioxidants are believed to increase the body metabolism – but they carry side effects. Anti oxidants like green tea and acai berry do not guarantee any kind of weight loss and yet can produce several negative impact and side effects on your body.
  • Chitosan is another weight loss supplement in the form of a powder. This powder is created by grinding shells of crabs, lobsters and shrimps used for the purpose of water purification. Thus, this supplement is dangerous for people who have noted allergies to shellfish allergies.
  • Other herbs and supplements like Hoodia – an African Kalahari desert plant and Chitosan – do play a role in preventing creation of body fats – but they carry some side effects related to digestion. Presence of ingredients like conjugated linoleic acid is these supplements have the presence of cortisol blockers that are used to lower the stress levels and promote weight loss. However, they too are harmful.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Supplements:

Weight loss supplements can create various major as well as minor side effects. The side effects can range from gas and constipation, headaches, nausea, bloating and sleeping and digestive problems. This is because weight loss supplements fill fiber in your stomach that in turn suppresses your appetite to eat. Bowel function is thus promoted and this causes momentarily weight loss.

Sleeping problems arise because most of the herbs and supplements have presence of caffeine. Weight loss supplements suppress your appetite and allow you to stay without food. This creates headache. However, all of these are minor side effects.

Some serious side effects of supplements are heart attacks, attack to central nervous system and even life threat. Caffeine presence in herbs like Guarana can lead to heart palpitations affecting the central nervous system in human body. Yohimbe is an herb that can cause high blood pressure problems in many people.

So, in order to avoid running into risks of using best weight loss supplements, try to consult a doctor before consuming any of those. Choose to take pills only after exercise support and guidance from doctors.
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Weight Loss Supplements