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Weight Loss Vitamins – A Hope for the Obese

Obesity is undoubtedly a curse. Not only that obese people are ridiculed by all, they are also susceptible to several ailments. It is for this reason that overweight people from all over the world try new ways and methods to shed that extra weight. While many believe that exercising is the right and the natural way of losing weight, others prefer dieting. Dieting and exercising both can be made more effective with the support of weight loss supplements. While an expert can guide you well on what weight loss pills you should take, making weight loss vitamins a part of your diet is a good idea.

Vitamin E and Weight Loss

The following are the benefits of including vitamin E into your diet:

  • Powerhouse of Essential Nutrients: Vitamin E is a powerhouse of eight nutrients, 4 Tocotrienols and 4 Tocopherols that are vital for the body.
  • Improves Longevity of Life: Weight loss vitamins such as Vitamin E improve longevity of life when taken along with your weight loss supplements.
  • Power Packed and Highly Potent: Vitamin E, with its given nutrients, provides a power packed formula that is essential for giving strength to your immune system while you are working towards achieving your desired weight. Weight loss vitamins work in more than one way to help you get rid of that unwanted fat.
  • Helps Improve Nutrient Absorption: Another benefit of taking vitamin E is breaking down fat-soluble nutrients into smaller particles for faster nutrient absorption.

Vitamin B and Weight Loss

Other than vitamin E, vitamin B also plays a significant role when it comes to weight loss. Take for instance vitamin B1 and B2. Intake of both these types of vitamins helps improve metabolism in the body and thus helps in burning calories rapidly. Another vitamin belonging to the vitamin B family that has a direct role in weight loss is vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 performs the major function of energy generation in the body. People following a strict exercise or diet schedule should include doses of vitamin B5 in their diet.

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Recently a study has also predicted possible role of Vitamin D in weight loss. The results of the study were presented at 91st Annual Meeting of The Endocrine Society in Washington D. C. During the study, when higher levels of vitamin D were given, it resulted in loss in abdominal fat to a significant extent. These results suggest that inclusion of vitamin D to a low calorie diet can lead to an effective and quick weight loss.

Vitamin C and Weight Loss

One of the several benefits of vitamin C is conversion of glucose into energy. Consumption of vitamin C is therefore recommended for increasing energy level in the body.

In a nutshell, an optimum intake of various vitamins ensure smooth functioning of body’s various mechanisms that are related to weight loss such as metabolism of sugar and fat, appetite, calorie burning, metabolic rate, etc.
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Weight Loss Vitamins