Beginners Weight Training Exercises


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Points to Be Considered in Beginners Weight Training Exercises

There are various benefits of working out, apart from the fact that it allows you to stay healthy and maintain a good physique. Media's attention towards importance of a toned up body has forced many people to pay attention towards their health - right at a very young age. Teenagers have thus become more focused towards working out.

People, today, at a younger age start paying attention towards different beginner strength and weight training exercises. However, to ensure that you stay healthy and work out in a proper fashion, it is important for you to understand about the considerations involved in beginner's weight training exercises.

Weight training requires a lot of inner body strength and motivation. At the same time, it also involves assessing your body stamina, and then slowly building up the same. Mentioned below are some of the basics for beginners in weight training:

Start Working Out with Light Weight:

Beginners and newcomers in weight training should start their exercises by picking very light weights. Since learning is on the curve, the emphasis should be on learning the techniques in the correct manner rather than making quick progress on lifting heavy and heavier weights. Pulling heavy weight at once also involves greater risk of injury. Thus, before beginners move on with heavy weight lifting, it is essential they get used to working out their muscles.


While going for a beginner weight training program, you should be aware of the factor that being a teenager and an early beginner, you will take slightly little more time to recover from work outs as compared to people who have been working out since quite some time and are advanced lifters. Hence, full body training program should initially be done only once a week and should slowly be progressed to 3-4 times a week. This will also reduce any kind of risks related to overtraining.

Thus, if it is your first day at the gym, you should not attempt towards pulling and lifting the maximum weight. This will only strain your former couch in the body and will make it impossible for you to build the strength required to get out of bed in the morning.

Focusing on Nutrition:

Nutrition is the key when it comes to weight training. To build hulk like looks and strong and big muscles, you need to cut down on the calorie intake as well. If your body does not get right amount of nutrition in the form of proteins and vitamins after a proper work-out, the body muscles will get damaged. Exercises can tear your muscles and cut them into strips. Ret and protein will allow the tissues in your muscles to heal and build on layers.

Work Smart

Most of the beginners who start with weight exercises think that hard work is the key to build a good looking physique. However, the key lies in working smart rather than hard. Strength and weight training is not about lifting heavy weights 5 times. It is about judging how much you can lift and then lifting it up 10 times.

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Beginners Weight Training Exercises