Cardio and Wight Training Exercises


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Cardio and Weight Training Exercises

Cardio: Cardio exercises are also known as aerobic exercises. These exercises are performed to increase oxygen supply in blood to improve the efficiency of heart and lungs. Cardio exercises are performed with long duration of time. This differs from weight training exercises in which exercises are performed in short busts. Tread mill, stepper, swimming, jogging and cycling are some cardio exercises that are mainly performed to improve cardiovascular system. Body fats and glucose are the fuels that are used by body while performing cardiovascular exercises.

Weight Training: These exercises are performed for a very short duration of time. The exercises are performed in an anaerobic environment. It means without oxygen but it does not mean that oxygen is not used rather it is formed while performing these exercises. It actually means that weight training exercises are of the intensity such that the body requires oxygen in excess. This supply is maintained with the help of adenosine tri phosphate and stored glucose in muscles. Thus these are used as the main fuels in weight training exercises.

Cardio after Weights: When you enter in a gym you first perform some cardio exercises such as running on the tread mill and cycling for warm up. But most of the people do very little cardio exercises to save their energy for weight training exercises. It is a right approach also because if cardio exercises are performed before weight training session then the amount of stored energy inside the muscles will decrease which is essential in abundance for weight training session.

Benefits of Cardio and Weight Training

•  The results are very fast.

•  The equipments used for performing cardio and weight training workouts are not very expensive. So a person wishing to perform these exercises at home can easily purchase these equipments.

•  Cardio and weight training is applicable to people of any age group, shapes and sizes.

•  The use of free weights decreases the chances of injuries.

•  These exercises make the cardiovascular system more efficient. Thus it can save us from a large number of diseases or in other words you can avoid diseases by performing these exercises.

•  The cardio and weight training workouts also helps in attaining a good mental health because it helps in the secretion of endorphin hormones which are necessary to stay happy. Thus cardio and weight training prevents mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

•  These exercises also help to boost your stamina by reducing fatigue.

Hazards of Cardio and Weight Training

•  Dehydration: These exercises can result in dehydration. It is a condition in which body lacks sufficient amount of water. It can result in serious problems such as cracking of skin and unconsciousness.

•  While performing cardio and weight training exercises back support is required otherwise it can affect the functioning of spinal cord.

•  Some of these workouts are difficult to perform. These exercises need to be performed in the right postures otherwise complexities can occur. So you need to perform these exercises under the supervision of an expert to avoid any serious situation.

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