How to Plan Your Weight Training


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How to Plan Your Weight Training Routine?

Achieving weight training results is closely dependent upon the way you make the weight training routine . Experts can help you set up the routine for weight training, however, it is your responsibility to follow it strictly. From the discussion blow, you can learn about some useful aspects to set up the routine for weight training.

Bodybuilding Differs from Losing Weight

The routine for weight training can be set up, considering whether you wish only to reduce body fat or build up muscle mass simultaneously with fat loss. As obvious, the routine for the two processes should differ from each other. Hence, ask for routine setting up from experts, by clearing mentioning your ultimate goal.

Split the Workouts

Total body workout is good, as it helps to focus on each set of body muscle simultaneously. However, it can enforce you to spend more time than required in achieving the results. A better solution is to split the workouts using weight training and focus on one set of body muscles at one time.

Splitting up can help you to completely utilize the available time and energy on one part of the body and switch over to another part, after achieving the results for the first one.

Upper and Lower Body Workouts

Another useful aspect of weight training routines is to divide workouts for upper body and lower body. Working out alternatively on lower and upper body parts can help you maintain gap for between two workouts for each segment of the body.

Push and Pull Exercises

You can also think of dividing your weight training workout routine into push and pull exercises. Pushing exercises, including squats, bench press, dips and overhead press can be performed on day and pulling exercises, including crunches and bicep curls can be reserved for another day. Hence a balance is maintained between two sets of exercises.

Changing the Routine

The routine for weight training can be changed after every 4 to 6 weeks, so as to save the body from following a repetitive path. The change can be brought in the method of exercising, or in the level of intensity, to make the things interesting. Experimenting with different types of workouts is what can help your body to come in terms with right shape and weight.

Maintaining Gap

At the beginning stage, you might feel excited to visit the gym every day. However, it is a bad routine set up to indulge in weight training on everyday basis. There should be a gap of 24 to 48 hours between two sessions of weight training workouts. Muscle fatigues and muscle injury can result from insufficient recovery time and this can completely damage your muscle building campaign.

Be Regular

If you have been recommended to work out for at least 4 days a week, make sure that no other commitments are capable of disturbing this schedule. Missing out even on a single day might waste the efforts made by you on the previous days.

As you can see, how important it is to plan a weight training routine. Major health and fitness advantages can be gained by devoting to the routine for weight training.









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How to Plan Your Weight Training