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Leg Weight Training Exercises for Building those Killer Legs

Do you aspire for a model like figure, or great looking legs? Want to wear that knockout mini-skirt, but are too conscious of your fat legs? For all such similar problems, you can really try some of the leg workouts or leg weight exercises to shape up your legs. Leg weight training can help you build a firm butt and tone up your legs. Building up your muscles is the main key to great pair of legs.

Some of the specific exercises for healthy and toned legs include the following:

  • Squats - Doing front squats with a dumbbell can strengthen your quadriceps, while boosting the leg muscles for firmer legs.
  • Lunges - Leg weight training exercises also include lunges, which creates build up of lactic acid needed to burn extra calories.
  • Leg Extension - Using a leg extension machine, you can perform this exercise form, which is good for your quadriceps.
  • Wall Sit - This form of static exercise or squat can be done by leaning against any flat surface like a wall. It strengthens the knee area and the quadriceps.
  • Leg Curl - This exercise benefits your hamstrings or back of the legs. Leg curl can be performed in face down position by using a dumbbell or a cable machine.
  • Calves - Using a dumbbell, you can perform standing calf raise exercise for developing your calves and muscles in that area.

There are numerous leg weight training exercises that can give you the desired results within a few weeks time period. One thing good about our legs is that if we sincerely work on them, they respond in appositive way. Health experts and trainers consider leg weight training exercises like free weight squats, dead lifts and dumbbell lunges give better results than other forms of exercises.

Personal trainers give great importance to upper leg muscles, which are the strongest muscles in the entire body. As legs make up literally half of our body, it is vital that we train them and keep them fit. We use them for running, walking, standing and moving about. Most of us also lead active sports lives and thus leg muscle training becomes all the more necessary. For good health and proportional body weight, it is essential that we care for our leg muscles.

You can scour online websites for info about leg weight training exercises and ways to keep them fit. Some websites give exhaustive details regarding the exercises, so it makes all the more for people wanting to have fit and shapely legs. Lunges, sissy squat exercise, leg press exercise, leg extension, dead lift and leg curl are some of the best exercises recommended by health experts for great legs and building leg muscle power.

n today's competitive atmosphere and fast living, one has to take adequate care and try to remain fit so as to have the strength to endure to such a hectic lifestyle. So, take the extra effort and include some daily leg exercises for a fitter you.

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Leg Weight Training Exercises