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Different Exercises forming Part of Weight Training Abs Guide

Developing 6 pack abs has become a fad these days. In the past, rock hard abs were the exclusive assets of body builders and athletes but these days, teenagers, executives and health conscious lay men - everyone strives to flaunt a perfect set of abs!

Developing abs needs a systematic routine of workouts. The abs comprise of a large flat muscle of the rectus abdominus which extends all along the apart from the obliques that are seen in the sides and front of the abdomen. Exercises that are useful to work the abs include crunches, decline reverse crunches and incline twisting sit-ups. Some of the most common resistance exercises for the abs include the following:

Crunches: Crunches can be done by lying flat on your back. Feet are placed flat on the ground. Cross your hands and place it on the chest. While doing crunches, make sure to keep your neck and head stable. Make the abdominals contract so that the rib cage is drawn towards the pelvic region. Make sure that both the contraction and expansion are done slowly and precisely. Hands should remain on the chest region and do not put the hands under your head as it might lead to bad posture and injury.

Swiss Ball Crunches are variants of crunches and are excellent for training abs. In this exercise, Swiss balls are used as support or are placed between the feet for a V patterned sit up

Reverse Crunches: These can be performed while lying flat on the ground or on an inclined bench. Hold the bench and bend your knees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Make sure that you keep your feet and knees close together to ensure maximum equilibrium and stability to the posture. The abdominals are slowly contracted, by bringing the pelvis up towards the rib cage. After a while you can contract the pelvis to the original position, ensuring constant tension on the abs. This exercise should not be performed in a hurry as excess speed might result in back injuries.

Incline Twisting Sit-Ups : Lie flat on an incline bench with the feet in a locked position at the top of the bench with the hands touching each side of the head. Keep the butt firmly on the bench and raise the body towards the knee all the while twisting the torso to one side. Repeat the twisting of torso for the other side as well. Make sure that the movement is smooth and even as sudden jerks might cause injuries.

Dumbell Side Bend : This is another useful weight exercise for the abs. It also helps to tone the waist region and is a good exercise for the obliques. Hold the dumbbells at your side stand straight and bend over to the side for a while to come back to the straight position again. Repeat for the other side

Those who are training their abs to make in strong and less prone to injuries should try out light loads 3-4 days per week while sports persons or body builders should train the abs only 2-3 days a week using weighted crunches of 6-8 sets.









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Weight Training Abs Guide