Weight Training Accessories and Equipments

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Weight Training Accessories and Equipments

Weight training is an extensive area involving many types of equipments each with a specific function. Weight training ensures a rigorous work out and is anaerobic in nature as it does not make use of oxygen. Weight training helps to build up the muscle mass and keeps you active and agile all day. The best part is that weight training enhances your breathing powers and helps you to lessen your oxygen requirement while doing aerobic activities, thereby enhancing your performance.

Some of the weight training accessories include weights, machines, weight benches and weight belts among others. Weight training accessories, if used as directed would not only help you lose extra calories but also make you strong and sexy

The beginners can start their weight training program with the dumbbells or barbells before trying out the heavier accessories. Commonly called free weights, bar bells and dumb bells are light weight and are used to tone up the muscles.

Weight Training Machines :

Weight training machines like leg curl machines, tricep bars, calf machines, chin up bars, weight plates, leg extension machines, dipping bars etc have specific actions as their names rightly imply. These are used t shape and sculpt the various body parts and you can pick and choose the ones that you might need. In case you want to tone up the stomach area, the abdominal bench would be the ideal choice.

Some of the most common accessories include

  • Weight Lifting Wrist Straps: These help you to increase your grip strength. Wrist straps help you to better your barbell deadlifts from the floor by improving the grip strength. Make sure to pick up a good set of weight lifting wrist straps, which would last a long time. Use them for those exercises for which you do not have a firm grip as it improves your concentration and focus.
  • Plate Mates: Help you to add on smaller weight increments. Dumbells start at the 5 pounds and in case you want something less, plate mates might come handy, especially during progression where you can opt for weights that you are comfortable with. Plate mates allow you to progress in 2.5 pound increments. For smaller dumbbells you can opt for hexagonal shaped mates
  • Weight Lifting Shoes: Flat footed and with the right amount of cushioning at the required spots, these shoes help you to enjoy a hassle free weight training session. When you are doing your weight lifting exercises, you need to be comfortable and especially so if you are doing heavy standing calf raises during which a lot of pressure is exerted on the big toe. So in such cases, you should select a shoe with soft padding around the big toe.
  • Knee Bands: These help you a lot during the squat exercises when the knee is under tremendous pressure. With the knee bands on, you can enjoy the squat sessions without any popping and cracking sounds from the knee are, which could be bothersome.

Weight training accessories are as or more important than the weight training programs that you are selecting. So choose wisely and enjoy your weight sessions.









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Weight Training Accessories and Equipments