Weight Training Advice and Suggestions

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Weight Training Advice and Suggestions

Weight training is a strategy of making your body fit and healthier by using weights as resistance against your body. If a person is selecting a weight training program for the strengthening of his muscle then he must follow these advices and suggestions as there are risk factors associated with this strategy:

•  Before starting a weight training program set your goals. Never compensate with the right weight training techniques to meet these goals.

•  Before doing your strength training workout warm up your body with the help of some warm up exercises such as cycling, treadmill running, brisk walk etc. Do not remove your clothes soon after the workout.

•  Follow the right training techniques as suggested by your trainer to avoid any kind of injury. Always concentrate on the exercise you are performing instead of diverting your mind here and there.

•  Always workout smoothly and slowly. Always avoid jerking of weight because it not only effect the orientation of body, it can also cause injuries.

•  For best results it is advised to lower down the weight slowly in comparison with lifting it up.

•  In the beginning always perform basic exercises. You can start practicing higher intensity exercises after developing the right technique of weight training.

•  Never imitate other person in gym. The bodies of different persons differ in structure. Ask your trainer about the exercises that match according to your body structure.

•  There should be enough space where you are doing weight training. It should be free from the obstacles such as dumbbells and rods. The floor must be strong so that if wrongly the weight falls on it nothing will happen.

•  Follow the right kind of breathing technique for proper workout. If you are a starter then breathe uniformly through out the workout. It is advised to exhale when you are lifting the weights up and inhale when you are lowering it down..

•  Always wear sport shoes having good grip to avoid any disaster.

•  Always use hand gloves or towel to keep your weight dry so that your hands will not slip during the training session otherwise injury can occur.

•  Always keep it in you mind that if you are lifting weights apart from your body then you are making your exercise more hard than normal.

•  It is always recommended to train yourself in the presence of a supporter or partner so that he can help you when required and if you are following any wrong technique than he can inform you.

•  Always take rest between two exercises because it helps your muscles to recover from the breakdown and recover the energy needed for further workout.

•  Never increase resistance very rapidly. If you are able to make 12 repetitions of weight then you can consider it as the right time for changing resistance. But only increase the resistance by 10 to 15 percent otherwise it can strain your muscles.

•  Always search out for an experienced trainer so that you will be able to do the weight training safely under his supervision. Also take a look at the certification he has done in his field.

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