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Weight Training and Exercises at Home

Weight training is a planned strategy of strengthening your muscles by offering some resistance against their motion. If some external force or resistance is applied against the muscles they tends to get enlarge and stronger. The best examples of weight training exercise are to push or move your body against stationary objects like wall. If you are pushing your hands against each other then it is also considered as a weight training exercise. Weight training exercises are also known as isometric exercise. If you are using tubes and rubber bands offering resistance to your body then it is also an example of a weight training exercise. There are a lot of weight training equipments in the form of dumbbells, free weights and machines and you can perform a large number of exercises through these equipments. Exercising at home is also a good option. You need to select the right kind of weight training exercises at home for a successful weight training program.

Right Place for Weight Training at Home

You require less space for performing weight training at home in comparison with the space at gym. You can use your courtyard, garden etc for weight training at home. Garage is the best place for doing weight training at home because you can easily keep your equipments in a garage away from the reach of children to avoid any kind of disaster.

Advantages of Weight Training at Home

Weight training at home is getting popularity because of the following reasons:

•  Travel: It saves the time you spent on traveling to a gym. In this time you can do more work out and get good results. It is beneficial for the working people because for them time matters a lot.

•  Equipments: You can start your weight training exercises at home using a few components only. Thus your money is saved.

•  No Time Problem: If you have the habit of weight training exercises at home then you can perform your exercises when you get time. It is also beneficial to house wives who usually get time in the afternoon.

•  Enjoyment: practicing weight training exercises at home is more advantageous because you can spend more time with your family. At home you can also do your exercises with family members. Your pet can also enjoy your weight training session.

Disadvantages of Weight Training at Home

Inconvenient Atmosphere: Sometime you not find a right kind of environment at home. In such a condition you are unable to get the desired results. Weight training at gym is a solution to this problem because you get right kind of environment there. You are also able to compete with others in the gym. This is necessary for a successful weight training program.

Social Interaction: If a person is doing weight training at home then he lacks the time of social interaction with others. If you are doing weight training in a gym then you can update yourself in that social environment.

No Fitness Trainer: if you are working out at home then there is no fitness trainer in front of you. It reduces the chances of a successful training program. Moreover if you are working without a fitness trainer then the chances of injury are higher.

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