Weight Training Chest Exercises

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Different Weight Training Chest Exercises

Who doesn't want to show off broad and strong chest muscles to grab a few eye balls? There are many handy weight training programs to tone up the chest muscles and to build up confidence and manliness into your frames!

Bench Press : It helps to develop biceps and triceps. The workout regime is quite simple and easy to do. Lie face up on the bench. Grab the bar from the rack and lower the bar to the center of the chest before raining it till the arms are locked. Keep the body straight and the feet should be firmly placed on the floor. If you use the raising movement more, it will tone up the upper pectorals while the declines work the lower chest area. The changing of the position of barbell at different points in the chest and even the neck region ensures a change of pressure points.

Presses can also be done by using dumbbells or barbells. There are inclining and declining benches that ensure proper toning up of the lower and the upper chest muscles. Once your body is fully warmed up, you can add more weights. While lifting the weight, make sure that the angle of the upper arms are at 45 degrees to the body.

You can also use blocks or weight plates under your feet to increase the height to ensure comfortable presses. Do not keep the legs on the bench as it might upset the equilibrium. Thos weight training exercise can be repeated for 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 reps. Do not expand the abs during the weight training session and keep the speed slow and smooth to ensure maximum comfort.

Dumbbell Flyes: The dumbbells are held one each in each hand, which are held above the chest regions with palms facing each other. You should recline with the face up. Now you can lower the weight to the sides by the rotary movement of the shoulders and stretching the pectoral muscles of the chest area. Then the weight is brought back to the starting position. It is an effective weight lifting exercise for isolating the pectorals.

Dumbbell Pullovers: Place your upper back on the bench, hold the dumbbells with both the hands and raise it over the head till the chest region to form an arc shape before lowering it down behind your head. The pullovers are also very effective in isolating the pecs.

Deadlifts : Demands hard work and lots of effort. Here the weights are lifted straight from the floor and then back again only resting for a few seconds in between lifts. If you prefer a lower weight, you can lower the weights to shin level without keeping them down to repeat the cycle. Dead lifts involves light weights and a straight back is the key t success in this weight program

  Overhead Press: Is effective for building up the shoulder, triceps muscles and even the abdominal muscles. You can do this work out in a sitting or standing posture and by using a barbell or dumbbells or even with a shoulder press machine.

hest toning weight programs are effective if you do them in the right method and posture.









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Weight Training Chest Exercises