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Weight Training Machines and Equipments

The weight training equipments are of two types: the free weights and the machines. Free weights generally possess very light weight and its main purpose is to pump the body muscles. The machines are the other form of weight lifting equipment. The advantage of weight lifting with equipments is that muscles are moved in the correct manner. The machine weight lifting is chosen if you wish to increase resistance because these are considered to be the safest.

Various Kinds of Weight Training Machines

Leg Press Machines: There are two kinds of leg press machines that are commonly used. The first one is horizontal leg press machine and the second one is 45 degree leg press machine. In the later machine body is at an angle of 45 degree while performing weight lifting and weight is lifted in upward diagonal direction. If you are a beginner then do not lift heavy weights like all other exercise. Take the advice of an expert for doing weight lifting through this machine more safely. Hamstring of the thighs, quadriceps and gluteus muscles are toned with the help of this machine.

Pec deck Machines: Lifting weights on peck deck machines improves the pectoral muscles of chest. It also strengthens the trapezoids, rhomboid and latissimus muscles of your back. In pec deck machines the arms are kept at shoulder width apart. The position of elbows is kept at right angles while doing exercise on these machines.

Lat Pull Down Machine: This machine is designed in such a way that you can grasp your feet on the floor while performing the exercise. It is provided with a safeguard that protects the upper part of your body from striking with the handles or bars. This machine is available in different weight ranges. This machine generally focuses on the mid-trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids.

Smith Machines: Smith Machines consists of a barbell that is fixed in steel rails. The smith machine is a right replacement for ordinary barbell exercise in which the barbell needs to be lifted forward, backward and vertical. The smith machines are very safe to use because there is no chance of weight fall. Furthermore it does not need to be re-racked unlike other barbells. It can be kept at any point by moving your wrists. It is good for those who practices exercise without spotter as you not need to move your body upward and downward.

Chin Up Bars: In chin up bar machine, you use your own weight as resistance. It is the best exercise for biceps and back muscles of your body. It is an excellent machine for the whole upper body.

Cable Cross over Machines: This equipments consists of two pulleys in a frame. One is at top and the other one is at bottom. This machine is of multipurpose. You can use this machine for chest, biceps, triceps, and back and abs muscles strengthening.

Biceps Curl Machines: These machines are used for the toning of biceps muscles.

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