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Weight Training Nutrition and Diet

Weight training requires additional and adequate amount of calories. The weight training exercises increase the hunger of muscles to acquire calories. It is not only important to acquire the more amounts of calories but it is also important to acquire right type of calories.

The main ingredients of a balanced weight training nutritional diet are:

Carbohydrates: It is an essential nutritional component required by body. But its desire increases by the body during any weight training program. If you have taken more quantity of carbohydrates then there is no problem because it can be stored by body in form of glycogens and these can be utilized by body in future. More hard you are doing your weight training workout the more amount of carbohydrates you require to full fill the demand during that short period of workout. A weight training program follower requires on an average 500 to 600 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Proteins: Proteins are known as the building blocks of body and therefore are essential for the development of muscles. A weight training program follower requires more amount of protein than non exercisers. On an average a person requires 0.6 to 0.9 grams of protein per lbs (pounds) of the body mass. If you are not taking proteins in the adequate amount than its deficiency will cause weakening of muscles and you will not be able to get the desired results no matter how hard weights training you are doing.

Tips Regarding Nutrition before Weight Training Workout

A pre workout meal is required by the body to gain energy if you are following a weight training workout.. It compensates with the body requirements of energy during workout. The nutritional components before workout should be taken in such a way that it will not upset your stomach during workout. The nutritional diet you take before a strength training program depends upon the type of strength training program you are following. The general tips regarding pre-workout nutrition are:

•  Drink adequate amount of water before weight training workout.

•  Avoid high fatty diets such as fried and oily food before weight training workout.

•  Try to come in relax mood before workout otherwise it can disturb your digestion and thus the nutritional diet you are taking can be wasted.

•  Take the nutritional diet two to three hours before workout. The diet must contains high content of carbohydrates and proteins and low content of fats.

•  Avoid the nutritional diet containing sugar before workout.

Tips Regarding Post Workout Nutrition

You need nutrition after workout to compensate with the deficiency of macro nutrients that have been wasted during exercises. Some tips regarding nutrition after workouts are:

•  Drink heavily during the day to maintain fluid levels of your body.

•  The workout kills your desire to eat. But the situation remains for some time after workout. When you rest for some time your desire to eat comes back.

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