Weight Training Plans for Women

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Weight Training Plans for Women

The importance of fitness and healthy body has impelled more women than men to hit the iron with a vengeance. Women are noticeably becoming aware of the numerous benefits of weight training exercises and want to take maximum advantage of it.

A proper weight training plan is a boon for women all over the world as to get a good, lean and firm body. Females would definitely prefer a firm and athletic body rather than a flabby obese one. Weight training is the ultimate and most ideal solution to get a great figure and healthy energetic body. The various health benefits of weight training such as a strong heart, good muscular strength and immunity to several diseases cannot be sidelined.

Men aim to become bodybuilders through weight training whereas women have no such goals; they are not keen on becoming muscle women. For the fairer sex, weight training is all about keeping super fit and shedding those extra kilos.

To pen down an ideal weight training plan for women, you have to consider the following tips:

  • Chalk out a plan where you mix and match aerobic exercises with weight training, enjoy 2 days of aerobics and take on 2 days of strenuous weight training. Such a pattern will allow your body to rest and heal simultaneously.
  • Concentrate more on free weights and compound exercises such as dead lifts, squats, dumbbells, etc. don't get tempted by less perfect hip hop swanky machines.
  • Don't do the exercises for a longer period than required, and likewise don't keep the timing too short- both cases body will not derive any benefit or improvement. Exercises are aimed at exerting your body so that it tones up and sheds the flab.
  • Take care of what you eat, it is best to go for a simple but nutritious diet. Involve lots of salads, green veggies and avoid eating big oily meals.
  • Give some time and effort for the plan to deliver positive results. At least 4 to 6 weeks of consistent training is required before you can judge the results.
  • It is important that you enjoy the activities, learn new things and possibly make few athletic friends. Try to learn more about fitness from other people and personal trainers.

A good weight training plan involves no more than 3 to 4 hours in the gym for the work outs. This time period is enough for good muscle growth. The most beneficial point about weight training plans is the boost in energy levels. For females who get tired or exhausted easily can notice a healthy change in their energy levels.

Millions of human beings doing weight training, but few may be having a perfect plan or routine. And the real key to getting a fabulous body is to chalking out a workout program or weight training plan and following it each day. So, search for tips on ideal weight training plans through online sources or health based books, which can help you stay trim and fit all your life.


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Weight Training Plans for Women