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Weight Training Program and Guide

Most of the professional body builders are not fond of doing workouts with weight machines as these machines do not provide the desired and quick results. More over weight training machines are very expensive and therefore it requires membership in a gym.

Beginner's Weight Training Program

It is necessary for a beginner to follow the under mentioned guidelines for an effective weight training program:

Warm-up: Before starting your weight training do some warm up exercises like cycling and jogging. These exercises help in the pumping of heart due to which more oxygen is available which helps in maintaining the blood flow inside body. Dancing is advised as a warm up exercise for the beginners because it helps to refresh your mood before exercise. Try to move your all body parts while doing weight training.

Do Smoothly: It is advised by the trainers to beginners to do exercise slowly and accurately otherwise it can put a lot of strain on muscles thereby increasing the chances of injury.

Breathing Technique: Breathing technique is important for a weight training program. Never try to hold your breath for so long while doing your weight training because it leads to reduce oxygen flow inside the body and muscles by decreasing the count of blood vessels. It is also important when to breathe in and when to breathe out during weight training. Some time beginners find it difficult to acquire these techniques, in such situations they are asked to breathe freely by the fitness trainers.

Concentrate : Concentrate on what you are doing. If you are not doing so then you can forget repetitions during the set which is not a good thing. If you are practicing one set of weight training exercise by fully paying attention then it is better than the two sets without paying any attention. If your mind is elsewhere during exercise then it increases the chances of injury.

Select the Appropriate weight: A beginner is suggested to do light weight exercises in the beginning in such a manner that he will fill stress on muscles not punishment. The rule is if you are able to do 12 repetitions of the weight you have chosen then it is appropriate for you.

Do Less Number Of Sets: The beginner is asked to do only one set for a particular exercise in starting. He can get maximum benefits from one set by doing it accurately and in correct posture.

Balance Your Exercise: Always it is advised to do exercise for opposite muscle groups on the same day. For example if you are doing chest exercise on a day than it will be beneficial to do back exercise on the same day.

Take Proper Rest: Take proper rest between two consecutive steps. This helps the muscles to collect energy for further workout. It is also recommended that a muscle group needs a time of 48 hours after weight training for recovery as after each workout the development of muscles takes place and they become more stronger than earlier. So maintain this time duration for best results.

Do not Overstrain: It is advised to the beginners to do workout for only 40 to 50 minutes in the beginning to avoid any fatigue. When the muscles get stronger than you can increase this time session.

Take Help of Books: A beginner can take help of any weight training related book to understand the basics of different exercises. It becomes interesting if you know what you are doing
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