Weight Training Schedule For Beginners

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All about Weight Training Schedule For Beginners

Today, even as obesity rears its ugly head in most of the developed nations; people all over the world feel the need to remain fit and healthy. Many of us have become real fitness freaks in the bargain. For all those who yearn to have a fit body, great abs or develop gigantic muscular bodies; should also devote time and labor to achieve the target.

Beginners should understand the concept of exercise, weight training, etc and maintain proper weight training schedule under expert guidance of a physical trainer. Joining a reputable gym or getting a personal trainer to guide you is a good idea. You can even search online sources for an all-round fitness program or center that includes weight training exercises, cardio, etc.

Exercises also depend on individual aspirations, goals and medical fitness. If a person is a heart patient; he/she should not indulge in heavy type of exercises. Actually, beginners should make a slow start and set the body time clock according to their health status. New weight training schedule should start with basic training sessions such as exercises that builds up physical resistance power. It is important that the body gets adjusted to the new routine of physical training.

Some of the beginner's requisites for developing a healthy and fit body include the following:

  •  Weight training schedule for beginners must include 2 to 3 days of warm up exercise and cardio.
  • One should also ascertain their fitness level and their muscular power.
  • Trainers should slowly keep adding the exercises as days go by
  • Beginner's schedule should also include some rest days for helping the body recover and adapt to the new rigorous physical routines.
  • In most cases, beginners will benefit immensely from physical training, especially lifting weights, as muscles do respond and develop faster.

To be on the safer side, a beginner should start with light weight, the body with react automatically and help build muscle power to support the extra physical work outs.

Exercises that are compound in nature may require more practice and precision, more than what is required for isolation exercises. And likewise, the compound exercises will give better muscle build up than the isolation exercises. For outdoor physical activities like running, one needs to warm up before doing a full marathon. A beginner runner should set his/her goal for a half marathon and stick to this schedule for at least a month before running more miles.

Rest days, warm up sessions, cross training activities such as swimming or skating needs to be accommodated in the beginner's schedule. Beginners can find valuable information and details by scouring online sources. A quick search in yahoo, Google, MSN, etc for 'weight training schedule for beginners' will help them learn vital tips. One can also search for reputed gym or personal physical trainers to chart out a schedule plan.

Be it weight lifting or leg muscle build up- there should be a perfect weight training schedule chalked out before you start a physical exercise regime.


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Weight Training Schedule For Beginners