Weight training tips For Proper Work-Outs

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Weight training tips For Proper Work-Outs

Weight loss programs are not easy to follow. Most of us tend to give up at some point or the other feeling that there is nothing more that can happen - no further fat loss and inch loss. Hence, presented below are some weight training tips that can help you in your weight loss quest and can help you start a fitness regime.

Goal Setting and Assessment:

Weight training requires proper assessment of your body stamina and then setting reasonable goals depending upon the same. Your expectations should be in line with the weights that your body can carry without causing strain to your muscles.

Once you have set your goals, you need to measure your day to day progress and access where exactly you are on a weight loss scale. The weights that you have been lifting also need to be gradually increased as that will enhance your muscles and will reduce your waist size.

Asses the reduction in your body fat

Using a set of scales - like inch or centimeters, will help you in measuring your body fat and will help you decipher the level of progress that you have made in weight training program. Thus, you can judge that whether the weight training tips that you have been following so far are really useful or no. Electronic scales help in measuring both body weight as well as fat mass.

Keeping a check on your diet and nutrition

It is important to also focus on your diet and nutrition while following some strict weight training exercises. Encourage intake of protein and carbohydrates. Avoid intake of pastries, junk and fried food, sweets or refined sugar. Low-fat proteins should be involved in the regular diet of people who are following a weight gain program.

Focus of training

Weight training should be started with a proper warm-up exercise. Warm-up activities should be performed for 10-15 minutes. You should focus on moving all the parts of your body. Dancing is a good way of warming up. While you start lifting weights, you should see that your movements and lifts are smooth. Avoid getting jerks. Try to intake some sports drink while performing workout.

Breathing in the right manner

Also, breathing is important while lifting weights and performing exercises. You should not hold your breath while exercising as muscles need constant supply of oxygen. In case you don't inhale and exhale properly, you run the risk of having broken blood vessels and hernia.

Resting and allowing the body to recover

Resting is important in weight training. Muscles need to rest for about 48 hours after a strenuous weight training session. Once in every 4-5 weeks, you should take a normal exercising schedule and do half the exercises that you normally do. This will allow the body to create a window and build stronger muscle base.

Finally, the rule of weight training is to follow a regular weight training schedule. However, don't get carried away while doing exercises.


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Weight training tips For Proper Work-Outs