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Weight Training Workouts And Exercises

Weight training workouts are necessary for the development of strong and lean muscles. Weight training workout generally means to workout using weights as resistance against your body.

Advantages of Weight Training Workouts

•  Helps in the enlargement of muscles

•  Helps in the strengthening of muscles

•  Helps in achieving a fit and healthier body

•  Helps in improving body shape.

•  Helps in increasing muscle endurance.

•  Helps in physiotherapy to recover from accidents.

•  Helps in increasing body immunity thereby preventing diseases.

Disadvantages of Weight Training Workout

During weight training workouts the blood pressure of body can rise which can become very dangerous for people suffering from heart diseases.

There are chances of injury during the workout if right technique is not followed.

Tips Regarding Weight Training Workouts

•  The beginners should not join gym at school because you are not noticed by any expert there. What you are lifting and how you are lifting is not observed by any one. So you have to do weight training workouts in school at your own risk.

•  If you are a starter than lift light weights and after understanding the strategies of weight training you can increase weight resistance. But always keep in mind that you have to add 5 pounds of extra weight but in the last set. The general rule of adding or increasing weights during lifts is to add when you are able to achieve 12 to 15 repetitions from your previous weight resistance.

•  Do not bother about the reps in beginning. If you are able to get the target reps than you can increase weights

•  Always try to lift less than your capacity in the beginning. It will help in gaining momentum for the development of your muscles.

•  If you are not able to get the reps you have target then remove the weight 10 to 15 pounds and then wait for some weeks until your muscles get strengthen to achieve those targeted reps

•  Complete your workout in a time span of 60 to 90 minutes. If you do workout for more than this time span than muscle fatigue can occur and the chances of injury increases.

•  Always take rest between two exercises. The rest time must not exceed than 3 minutes.

•  Allow your muscle to go through complete range of motion during exercises.

•  Doing workout is not only the part of a strength training program. A nutritive and balanced diet is also necessary simultaneously with weight training workout for the strengthening of muscles.

•  Follow the right weight training techniques during workout otherwise you will be les benefited by not getting quick results.

•  Always do warm-up exercises such as cycling and running before exercises.

•  Always stretch your body during the workout.

•  After weight training workout practice some cool down exercises to lower down the blood pressure that has been raised during workout.

•  Always do the exercises in correct postures to avoid any kind of mishaps.

•  Always perform your weight training workout under the supervision of an expert.

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