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Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

The most significant factor to prepare for the healthy and intellectual body building contest is managing diet and training. To initiate it, the prime thing a body builder should do is avoid putting on over 15 to 20 pounds of excess than permissible body weight for the particular contest he is preparing for, during the off season training phases. He should achieve it with steady low level aerobic workouts i.e. less than 70 percent of optimal Heart Rate done during the mornings before having the breakfasts for improved targeting of fat mobilization and the appropriate diet. Gaining bodyweight with the help of fat-rich diets is an obsolete method now as fat consumption is just not good for anybody.

Sufficient time should be allowed for preparing to shred off excessive body fats gradually, and thus sparing the lean muscle mass. The body composition test should be initiated for using that measurement method every week to observe the fat loss. The body builder must ascertain his dietary needs to scheme his calorie requirements for enabling him to reach at the weight and body fat proportion that is actually required on the day of the contest. This is necessary for the total amount of calories required to sustain the body weight based on his lean body mass, body fat proportion as well as the activity levels. The body builder's tentative activity level on the basis of his recovery heart rate is: 100 BPM would burn 500 cal per hour of training, 115 BPM would burn 750 cal per hour of training and 125 BPM would burn 1,000 cal per hour of training.

A void making the radical change in your calories intake, drop calories scarcely up to 500 calories per day at the most. Such calorie drop should be in the form of carbohydrates while on the low fat diet and ensure sustaining the protein intake of one to one and a half gram per pound of body weight as you need losing only 1 to 2 pounds per week. The contest date has to be ascertained well in advance to attain the targeted contest weight without having undergone intense dieting at the cost of your heard earned muscles anyway.

Once the diet is attained to the desired limits avoid changing it unless otherwise required during the pre-contest training. In case it is necessary, just remember 500 calories per day mostly from the carbohydrates. At such time the dietary fat should be at the minimum levels. For diminishing the body fats, add a set of 20-25 preps per muscle group each workout which would lead you to notice the body fat reducing whereas the lean muscle weight improves. If the body fat is not diminishing after another week, again add further sets of 20-25 reps and see the result. Ideally you should initiate with additional set per exercise and count measuring the body fat every week. Maintain doing low level aerobic workouts consistently besides posing as you would be needed posing not only for practicing but also for educating the muscles shrinking to the optimal capacity. This makes you look harder.

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