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Building Lean Body Mass

Body building has been in great demands for both the sexes since past many years all over the world. More and more people have been found exercising for building their strong and fit stature. Body building exercises involve various factors like regular recommended work outs, aerobics and adequate intake of nutritious foods besides ample resting periods. We all very well know that nutrition always play the most significant role in body building goals. Shredding out excess fat from the body and simultaneously ingesting added amounts of calories is the basic consideration for opting body building exercise.

Perfectly curved abs, shapely legs, toned arms could be attained by enhancing the lean body mass and simultaneously diminishing the body fat proportions. Stimulate the metabolism, boost the stamina levels and generate the lean body simply by following the below given guidelines.

For building muscles and losing weight, consider ingesting foods with high in protein but low in fat -

Lean beef, skinless chicken and fish would provide about 7 grams of protein per ounce. Even beans could provide 6 grams per ½ cooked cup, and rice or other cereal grains provide about 3 grams per ½ cup serving. But a cup full of milk or yogurt provides 8 grams of protein. Thus it is rather easy to fulfill the total basic protein quota from just 6 to 8 oz of meat, 2 to 3 servings of dairy products and 6 to 8 servings of cereals each day on an average.

Strength training for building the lean body mass -

It is believed that only the properly done weight training can efficiently build the lean mass. One must train hard if he is seriously willing to build stronger and larger muscles. One can easily expect doubling his strength and remarkable size to his body through effective weight lifting techniques. Lean mass is considered as the metabolic engine of the body which permits the body to burn more calories at rest. Thus when the person trains with weights on routine basis, he converts his body into the fat burning machine. One should work on the vital muscle groups such as thighs, hamstrings, rear ends, back, chest, shoulders, arms and abdomen, but try to maintain workouts shorter, heavier yet concentrated.

Target for the healthy body fat proportion -

Developing the energy deficiency is the best way to lose body fat through exercising more and eating less. Low carbohydrate diets do not show any wonders singly, anyway. Try to maintain the body fat proportions levels like: for women 15 to 20 percent is lean, 20 to 25 percent is normal, 26 to 32 percent is considered as over fat and 33 percent or above is of course obese. Although restricting the calorie intake try to alter the diet habits towards protein, healthy fats like essential fatty acids, dietary fibers and glycemic carbohydrate intake.

Monitor the body fat proportions regularly -

This could be done with the help of body fat analyzer or body fat scale before initiating any alterations in the diets or exercises. It would help you to check your progress. Record the body fat proportion, lean body mass, body weight as well as body measurements by renewing them every week.

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