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Bodybuilding Tips

Here are some bodybuilding tips for building an quality physique. so keep on reading them one by one.

  1. Try to train atleast two body parts at each workout session.
    One bigger (eg. chest) and one smaller musle group (eg. triceps). And try to train each body part at least once per weak.
  2. Perform each exercise very carefully so that you dont get and injuries.
  3. Get plenty of rest between workouts, make sure the muscle has recuperated before the next sessions. Rest atleast one minute between sets.
  4. Change the exercise routine after every 4-5 weeks (atleast). Try to increase the intensity at each workout.
  5. To build muscle mass, do fewer reps, but do more sets and with more weights. Work your body harder just in a short period of time. Try to perform workouts at least 4 times a week.
  6. Avoid cardiovascular exercise in the begining period.
  7. Do 8-12 reps and 3-4 sets per body part for a smaller muscle group and 5-6 sets per body part for bigger one.
  8. Train an upper body part and then lower body part (rest one body part, work the other). This is goof for motivation and saves time.
  9. If your body takes longer recuperation time while you perform workouts then take more rest days. Try to sleep 8 to 10 hours per day especially imporatant to those with high metabolic rate.
  10. Eating regularly and correctly is absolutely essential for getting a true bodybuilder physique.
  11. Take bodybuilding supplements (high in protein and carbohydrate).
  12. Never allow yourself to go hungry. Eat snacks in between main meals.
    Ideal : 5-7 small meals per day. If building muscle mass, include weight gain drinks.

    Macronutrient Intake

    Protein intake - 30-35%

    Carbohydrate - 40-45%

    Fats - 20-25%
  13. Drink plenty of liquid. Try to take in 12-15 glasses of water per day in summers and atlest 7-10 glasses of water per day in winter. Drink a protein shake 1½ - 2 hours before going to bed. Try to keep stress level in check by learning how to relax (Tip: Try yoga, meditation).
  14. Alternate two weeks of high intensity muscle strength training with 2 to 3 weeks for lower intensity muscle endurance workout to promote both growth and strength.
  15. The key to your muscle workout is variation. This is the best way to avoid burnout and overtraining.
  16. Crosstraining is an ideal way to promote cardiovascular endurance, including walking, running, jogging, biking, stair climbing, swimming, etc.
  17. Perform whole body muscle workout atleast once a week.
  18. Variation is the key to success. Increase and decrease intensity with exercise sets, reps, weight and rest - this is valid for muscle and cardio training.
  19. Use full range of motion and alternate reps by working slowly, moderately and then with fast pace.
  20. Cardiotrain with heart rate 65-75 % of max heart rate.
  21. Proper rest is essential to enhance and then maintain your natural advantage.
  22. Make sure that the train body part is fully recovered before you retrain.
  23. Protein intake should be equal to 1gm per pound of body weight.
  24. Carbohydrate intake should be relatively high 60% of total calorie intake.
  25. Limit fats to 10-20%.
  26. Too much too fast is no-no! It could lead to injuries, overtraining and burnout (muscle and tendons are at risk).
  27. Paitience and discipline are neccessary to reach and maintain goals.

NOTE: Dont ever overtrain, it can slow you down, causing you to lose your motovation. overtraining can also cause injuries to tendons and muscle injuries, which can set you back. They could make you ultimately give up, so be careful.

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