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Easy 3-day Workout Routine for mass

This workout is not for beginners.If you are a beginner then start with the Total Body Workout for Beginners.

We've received numerous emails in which men say they have a limited amount of time available for exercising and taking care of their bodies. They would like to know how to perform a complete body workout in only three days.

It isn't easy to include each body part and sufficient cardiovascular training in only three days. The trick is to be efficient; so follow this next workout combination and you'll be able to perform a complete body workout in only three days a week.

Are you frustrated with your current workout? Have you been at the same weight and same strength for months... or even years?

This article will show you what real natural bodybuilders do to gain mass in as short as time as possible… all without lifting weights more than 3 days per week. Let's get to the easy workout routine:

Easy Routine

Usually, training programs are designed on a seven-day cycle corresponding to the 7 days of the week. One of the benefits of this 3-day workout is that it can be scheduled on any day of the week depending on your availability and what days you feel like going to the gym.

Even though you can choose the days to go, it is recommended to leave at least one day of rest between each workout.1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1off, 1 on, 2 off. Usually people will do this by working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with the other days completely off from weight training.

The Workout

Note: Do a short warm up set before each exercise with approximately 50% of the weight you will use for the main working set. Do about 4 - 6 reps with this lighter weight, just enough to get warmed up.

Squats : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Leg Extensions : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Leg Curls : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Dumbbell Pullovers : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Seated Rows : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Bench Press : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Barbell Biceps Curls : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Triceps Extensions : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Weighted Pull ups : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Weighted Dips : 1 x 8 - 10 reps
Standing Calf Raises : 1 x 8 - 12 reps
Abs : 1 x 10 - 15 reps

The workout should last no longer than 45 minutes! Plan your rest between sets accordingly so that you finish in this time period. Studies have shown that after 47 ½ minutes of intense weight training, your cortisol levels shoot up. This means that the longer you workout AFTER 47 minutes, the LESS results you will get and the more likely you will overtrain. So get in the gym, lift hard, stay focused, and get out.

The most important thing is that you lift to absolute FAILURE! This is not an option. It is almost 100% necessary to have a workout partner. If you need to get 8 - 10 reps, choose a weight that allows you to get 8 - 10 reps… but not even ONE more. I am serious! Once you reach your last rep, you should not be physically able to do another one, no matter what. If Britney Spears promises to date you if you get one more, it wouldn't matter. You should NOT be able to do it. Only you can judge if you are truly putting all possible effort into each set.

Unlike programs where you are doing 4 or 5 sets per exercise, you only have one chance to blast your muscles. Don't waste it!

You will also notice that all the exercises are compound movements. We are NOT doing any isolation exercises. Let Richard Simmons do them. We want to get huge and strong and the only way to do it is by using these exercises.

Perform each set with good form. Cheating will only hurt your gains. Do each rep slowly and do not use momentum. Each rep should use a full range of motion and take approximately 2 seconds on the way down and 2 seconds on the way up. Do not "jerk" the weight up. Slowly move it up and down. Use lighter weight if you must. This is VERY important to your gains so don't ignore this!

To demonstrate how the routine should be carried out, we will give you few tips on each exercise .

Squats: Since this is your first exercise, you may want to do 2 or 3 short and easy warm up sets to get ready. This will be your hardest exercise most likely, so we put it at the beginning so you can throw everything you can at it. Lifting to failure on squats means almost falling down on your last rep. Be sure to go all the way down and have a partner or rack there to help you if needed.

Leg Extensions: Use a full range of motion. Go all the way up and all the way down.

Leg Curls: Use a full range of motion and do not "jerk" the weight up.

DB Pullovers: Your first upper body exercise. Be sure to do a good warm up set so you do not injure yourself. Lift heavy and do not rest at the top of the movement.

BB Overhead Shoulder Press: Do these in front of your face, not behind the neck. You can injure your rotator cuff when doing them behind the neck. Go down until the bar is about at chin level, not lower. Slow, slow, slow reps!

Seated Rows: Keep your back straight up and down. Do not move far forward or lean far backwards. You want to be squeezing together your shoulder blades!

Bench Press: Slowly, go down and touch your chest around your nipple area. Do not use momentum to get the weight up. Use a spotter and get an extra rep with his help to really blast the muscle.

Barbell Biceps Curls: Do not sway! Keep your elbows at your side and do not move them. Squeeze your biceps upward.

Triceps Extensions: Keep your body straight up, do not lean over too much.

Weighted Pull ups: If you can't do pull-ups, do pull downs. Do these slowly and go all the way up and down. Use the wide-grip bent bar.

Weighted Dips: Strap on the weight! Keep your body straight up and down, do not lean over too much. You want to be working your triceps, not your lower chest.

Standing Calf Raises: Go all the way down and up. Don't use too heavy of a weight where you can only do partial reps. Feel the burn!

Abs: Choose a good exercise that uses some resistance. Don't work your abs on any off days. Abs are normal muscles just like your shoulders and chest!


Finally, finish off the workout with 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises. Use your favorite machine whether it's the treadmill, the rowing machine or a stationary bicycle to increase your hearth rate and burn your excess calories.

As mentioned previously, the total workout shouldn't take more than 45 minutes. That means you'll have to shorten your rest intervals between each set and avoid socializing with everybody in the gym.

Usually one or two minutes between sets is plenty of time for your muscles to recuperate.

Another great way to save time is by super setting the exercises. Super-setting is to perform two exercises back-to-back. For example, when working your abdominal muscles, you could super set regular sit-ups with leg raises.

That means you would complete your maximum repetitions of sit-ups and right after, you'd start with leg raises for your maximum number of repetitions.

By "repping it out", you'll really emphasize and burn out the particular muscle group. Consequently, you'll also save time as a result. Super sets can be carried out with all exercises and for each body part.

An article will be written in the near future specifically on exercises that should be "super settled". Until then, start pumping and get your muscles toned.

Try the program, follow it perfectly for at least 6 weeks and you will be on your way.


Here is what others are saying :

I am following this program from 4 weeks , and I am very pleased with the results so far. I am using mostly compound movements with the reps between 6 and 10 on all exercises. Each body part is trained 1 time per week on its own day, for a total of 3 workouts per week with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday off. On every exercise use as much weight as you can, while still maintaining good form.

Here are my results after the first 4 weeks.
Arms + 3/8 inch
Chest + 1/2 inch
Quads + 1/2 inch
calves + 1/4 inch
Weight + 8 lbs

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