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Fat Burning Tips

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* You may have good muscle size but your muscles won't look very impressive if they are hidden under a thick layer of fat. Developing well-defined muscles requires paying as much attention to your eating plan as to your fat burning training program. No amount of training in the gym will give you a rippling six-pack unless you combine it with the right sort of eating program. That does not mean 'dieting' though. The term 'dieting' is often laden with negative advice and creates a negative mind-set, setting you up for failure rather than success. Take nutritional advice from our Diet & Nutrition section on the basis of your eating plan.

Now start reading these fat burning tricks which are simply amazing.


Fat Burning Tip # 1 - Only start a diet plan that you can stay on.

Fat Burning Tip # 2 - Picture it.

Fat Burning Tip # 3 - Learn to be assertive at restaurants.

Fat Burning Tip # 4 - Take out your favorite jeans.

Fat Burning Tip # 5 - Change the way you order salads.

Fat Burning Tip # 6 - Keep carrots and celery around.

Fat Burning Tip # 7 - Plan ahead.

Fat Burning Tip # 8 - Eat several meals a day.

Fat Burning Tip # 9 - Keep a log.

Fat Burning Tip # 10 - Buy, order and cook smaller portions.

Fat Burning Tip # 11 - Drink green tea and use green tea patches to loose your weight.

Fat Burning Tip # 12 - Cut your calories by 15%.

Fat Burning tip # 13 - Use weight loosing supplements to enhance your weight loosing program.

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Fat Burning Tip # 1 - Only start a diet plan that you can stay on.

The problem with most diet plans is that they are simply too strict. You get on a diet with the best of intentions and after two weeks of not being able to eat bread, drink coke, or have anything with the without a bit of sugar, you get frustrated. Once you get frustrated you leave the diet plans which you had planned.  Isn't it? Is this the problem with you also?

If you're truly serious about burning fat, you need to get on diet plan that allows you the flexibility. Allow yourself to eat anything you like one day a week. Many people find that this helps to satisfy their desire for less healthy foods and keeps them on track the rest of the time. Provided you do not go overboard, eating a few extra calories once a week may prevent the metabolic slowdown associated with calorie restriction. The psychological benefits of indulging in your favourite foods outweigh any risks of extra calories. It relieves feelings of deprivation and means that you won't get indulge excessively in an activity that defeats many dieters.

* Fat Burning Tip # 2 - Picture it.

If you were once proud to be slim but now have become very fat, find out photos in which you are slim and display them in as many places as you can, such as walls of different rooms of your houses, in you car, at your office desk, at your dressing table, in your kitchen .

The reason for this thing is to make you feel that you were once slim and looked very smart. And may be seeing that photo you once again start thinking of becoming slim and start working hard. But be alert, the first few weeks of seeing yourself slim might make you depressed and cause the opposite effect: discouragement. However, once you get over feeling sorry for yourself, the anger will set in and you'll be on your way.

* Fat Burning Tip # 3 - Learn to be assertive at restaurants.

Restaurants are the place where anybody who is trying to lose weight, cannot lose. Ask the waiter/waitress how foods are prepared and if they can ask the cook to make changes. For instance, substitute a cream sauce with a tomato or presto sauce. Ask for the fish to be prepared without butter. Have your baked potato delivered with the butter and sour cream on the side. Tell the waitress not to bring bread.  

It may feel odd at first time to make demands about how your food is prepared, but most of the majority of restaurants are happy to accommodate you.

* Fat Burning Tip # 4 - Take out your favorite jeans.

Take out your favorite jeans that you weared when you were slim and not been able to fit it from months. Hang it somewhere that will force you to see it every day, like your bedroom or bathroom door. They will serve as a constant reminder of how you used to look and of the fact that your current weight is unacceptable.

* Fat Burning Tip # 5 - Change the way you order salads.

Salads by themselves are extremely healthy and contain no fat.  The problem is that once bacon, cheese, and dressings are added on, salads become calorie rich and contain lots of fat. And if you are trying to lose weight then these salads will mingle up your whole routine. Here are three quick tips to order salads that are guaranteed to cut calories without sacrificing taste.

Firstly, request the waiter/waitress that the dressing should be brought on the side of salad. Chances are there that you'll use less dressing by adding on it gradually.

Secondly, ask if the restaurant has low fat or no fat dressings available. Many have lower fat dressings, or at least a vinaigrette.  If you are at Wendy's, make sure to ask for the low fat ranch or the fat free French - otherwise you might as well order some fries...

Finally, ask the waiter/waitress to leave off the cheese and bacon.  In most dinner salads, these materials increase the calories and the cholesterol.  We also recommend you specifically to request not to bring bread/bread sticks with your salad.

Fat Burning Tip # 6 - Keep carrots and celery around.

Carrots and celery are a dieter's best friend.  They satisfy your need to crunch, are packed with vitamins, reduce your risk of cancer, fill you up, and are incredibly low in calories.  Mix up a little salsa or no-fat sour cream with spices and you've got a snack worthy of serving to friends.

* Fat Burning Tip # 7 - Plan ahead.

Regulate your life in a planned way, taking care that over-work does not take better of you. Keep a proper balance between work, diet and rest. If health conditions permits, go out for a walk in the morning, which should be fast and in the open. After dinner, walk atleast a mile and such a walk should be a stroll. After lunch you may have some nap or relax for 10-15 minutes, but do not sleep.

* Fat Burning Tip # 8 - Eat several meals a day.

Eating at least four or ideally six meals a day will help you lose body fat and maintain muscle size, although you will still consume the same number of calories. When you eat more frequently throughout the day, you encourage your body to use the calories more efficiently rather than storing them as body fat. You also help to keep your metabolic rate high, because every time you eat a meal, extra calories are burned to digest and metabolize the food. This is called the 'thermic effect of food'. A mixed meal - protein, carbohydrates and fats blended together - uses about 10% of the calories for this purpose. Eating more frequent meals increases this effect and, along with it, your metabolic rate. You also avoid hunger pain and keep your blood glucose levels more even. When you feed your body regularly throughout the day, you are providing it with a continual supply of nutrients for muscle growth and repair.

* Fat Burning Tip # 9 - Keep a log.

So you fell off the wagon and ate that big bowl of ice cream or didn't go to the gym for five days straight. Start tracking what you eat after every meal and what you did the whole day. Why are you now angry at yourself, plan for the future and try not to repeat it. Friends often can't relate to personal weight problems, so a log is a good outlet for your frustration and allows you to come up with concrete solutions.

Fat Burning Tip # 10 - Buy, order and cook smaller portions.

The best way to eat less is to have less on your plate.  Order and cook in smaller portions.  If you're still hungry afterwards, you can always order or cook something else, but since this requires effort, you're more likely to eat less.  Also, if you buy things in smaller bags, there is less to give you desire.

* Fat Burning Tip # 11 - Drink green tea and use green tea patches to loose your weight.

Use green tea patches to loose your weight. Get your green tree (patches) absolutely free. Plus instant beverage packets which are sugar free and they burn the fat very fast are also absolutely free. Healthy Weight Loss with Green Tea Patches & Powder. 7-day Free Trial! We take the guarantee that you will be loosing your weight between 5- 27 pounds.

Get your free trial which includes :-

  • 7 - Green tree patches.
    24-hour supply of Appetite suppressing Green tea. Simply place on your skin.
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    Fat burning sugar free green tea. Original, raspberry & lemon flavors included. Just mix with hot or cold water.

* Fat Burning Tip # 12 - Cut your calories by 15%.

This small calorie drop may surprise you, as it is almost certainly a lot smaller than most diets you have tried before. However, this method will produce lasting success because it minimizes any drop in your metabolic rate and allows you to retain your hard-earned muscle.

The problem with drastically restricting your calorie intake is that you cause your metabolic rate to slow down - the last thing you want to happen. This is called the 'starvation adaptation response' and means that your body stockpiles fat and calories rather than burning them for energy so that it becomes harder and harder for your body to burn fat. Your glycogen stores also quickly deplete, causing fatigue, a drop in performance, low energy levels and mounting hunger. Worse still, you end up breaking down muscle tissue as well as fat to provide fuel and - let's face it - muscle loss is the worst thing any strength trainer wants! On the other hand, cutting your calories by a modest 15% will produce steady fat loss without sacrificing muscle. You won't get instant results, of course, but you can expect to lose roughly 0.5 kg fat/week.

* Fat Burning tip # 13 - Use weight loosing supplements to enhance your weight loosing program.

Weight loosing supplements are meant to enhance an already great weight loosing program. If you have the right combination of nutrients and the right weight loosing program, a sport supplement schedule may serve to enhance your performance.

In order for weight loosing supplements to function properly, they must be taken at the proper times and in the proper amounts. I suggest you do your homework when it comes to using weight loosing supplements and make an informed decision before consuming any powder, or pill.

You will also want to ensure that the weight loosing supplement manufacturer is well established in the industry and not a fly by night company.

Find out more!!

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