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Loosing Weight

Really, Loosing Weight is not as simple as its name sounds. It is a very tough task to lose the excess weight that one has to carry like excess baggage everywhere he goes. Anyone who has really tried to lose weight may know how irritating task is loosing weight. You go on trying to lose weight by exercising everytime, eating low calorie food, but when after 2 months you will measure your waist you will see that you haven't lost an inch yet. The main problem is that your body does not cooperates.with you while you are on a weight loosing campaign. If you try to loose weight by exercising and eating less, your body will attempt to compensate your body requirements by metabolizing more efficiently. Your body has a a fixed weight for weeks, what obesity doctors call as a "set point," a weight to which it will keep trying to return.

Numerous techniques are flooding in the market for loosing weight but the best way is that adopted earlier that is the basic principle which is to cut down on the extra calories . Obesity is a very big problem these days.

Why do people become Overweight?

Well there are many reasons for a person to become overweight. Some of them are listed below:

1. The most common reason for becoming fat is eating too much food. When you eat too much food then the body uses up the food that is required for body's metabolism and the rest of the food is converted into fat stores and stored in the body, and these fat stores only make a person overweight.

2. A slow metabolism is another reason for becoming fat, where you don't really eat that much but then you don't burn up the food efficiently.

3. Inactivity is another major reason of becoming over weight. If you just eat, eat and just eat sitting on the T.V like a couch potato and dont move around then it is obvious that you will surely become overweight. In this situation your body just can't burn up the food that you take in during the day.

4. Sometimes due to some medical problems also one becomes overweight.

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Loosing Weight