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Thinking that this is too complicated or inconvenient?

Sometimes guys will complain to me about the perceived inconvenience of following a specific plan. I can see it’s easy to make excuses, after all, I used to do the same thing.

Don't get caught up in this. The truth is, the hardest part any training routine is getting started. You've got to break your old habits and make new paths for yourself. Remember that saying,

“Do what you've always done, and get what you've always gotten”.

Read it again.

Before I really learned the right way to gain muscle, I trained sporadically. I worked out when I felt like it. One week I might have trained five days, while another week I would train once or twice. As far as my routine was concerned, I did whatever seemed interesting at the time. Never keeping track of my sessions or planning my routines. I had been a member of a popular health club for 8 years, yet I had managed to gain not one pound of muscle. I tried all the popular "weight gaining" products at the time. Very expensive stuff like Cybergenics, weight gainer powders, Boron, amino acid tablets, etc. The list goes on.

Needless to say, none of it worked. I began to give in to the fact that I just could not gain weight. "It's because I have a fast metabolism", I was told. I had been thin my entire life, and I would have done just about anything to gain weight. For years I did not know what it felt like to weight more than 138 pounds. I was even underweight as a child.

After I was born, I had to remain at the hospital for an extra seven days because of my weight. Understand, this was not just some overnight problem for me my lack of size had plagued me my entire life. In my teen years, I took up the martial arts in hopes of learning to defend myself against the much larger kids at school. Too ashamed of my appearance, I was rarely seen without my shirt in the summer time. To thin, I was not allowed to play sports in high school or college.

When I speak, I speak from first hand experience. I am not some guy who is naturally athletic, or genetically gifted. I had always been thin, and I would still be thin if I had listened to everyone around me telling me why I couldn't gain weight.

You can do it too; I'm not that special.

Testimonials :

Here is what others are saying:

Gained 30 lbs, so far!
"I would just like to say that I think your package is great. I have bought and read many manuals that claim to have all of these secrets to gaining mass muscle, but none of them worked, until I stumbled upon your web site."

"I have gained 30 pounds of muscle and like I said still gaining weight., so I'm sure I'll reach my goal soon. The other day, I hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and he asked me if I was a bodybuilder now. He kept saying he couldn't believe that I had gotten so big, and to tell you the truth, neither can I. On your program, I have gained more muscle in 3 months than in almost a year of training."
Matthew G., Georgia

Gained 27 lbs in 4 weeks!
"I finished my fourth week, I have gained 27lbs, this week I gained almost 6 lbs. I don't know why people take steroids, they should use your routine, this is amazing. Unbelievable, I am not that 130lb skinny guy anymore, I am confident in myself. When I am walking on the streets 110% of women stare at me!!! I am not joking man, this is truth, I even use shorts already -- something that I never used before. Anthony, I am changing, my body has changed incredibly, I feel healthier, I stopped smoking. In my first day I couldn't do any dips, now I can do 9 in a row. My chest has increased 4.25", my biceps 2", my calves almost 2", my upper thigh 2.73 inches."
Jose M., Mexico

Gained 25 lbs in 12 weeks!
"Hey Anthony I am in my 7th week of your program and it has helped me out a lot. I gained 1.5 inches on my arms and about 5 inches on my chest. My bench has gone up about 40 pounds..."

[9 weeks later] "I finished your program about a month ago and I am pleased with the 25 pounds I put on. I never wrote to thank you so I am thanking you right now. You have help me to achieve what I have always dream of but was too lazy to work for. I just didn't believe such great gains could come so easily."
[Note: It's not that easy! He really worked hard!]
Paul S., Massachusetts

Gained 39 lbs in 13 weeks!
"I just wanted to let you know that after 13 weeks on your program I have been able to go from mere 121 pounds to 160 pounds. I really don't know how to thank you for you most valuable information. Today my self-esteem is on a high and it is all due to you. Thank you very much and just wanted to let you know that to me you are a pioneer of this field."
Dinesh P., Oregon

Gained 52 lbs in 10 weeks!
"To update you, things are going pretty well at this point. I'm getting a lot of great comments from everyone that knows me about how different I look already ...A couple of folks in the office said my arms got significantly bigger in just the last week (measurements say ½" on the biceps in that time, yes!). My weight bounced back on Wednesday and should be over 230 tonight, making a 32 to 34 lbs. increase in 6 weeks."

[4 weeks later] "Just thought I'd give you a 10 week update on my progress on your program. I maxed out last week at a weight of 250. That's a 52 lbs. gain from starting the program."
Glenn S., California

Gained 24 lbs in 12 weeks!
"Well, I just finished up my 6th week and I gained 17lbs. I got my body fat % taken professionally and it was 6.8% to start with and 7.2% now, so most of that weight is lean."

[Update] "I finished your 3 month program ....I went from 130lbs to 154lbs but skipped the fat loss since my body fat was still only 7.8%."
Marco P., Canada

Gained 20 lbs in 16 weeks!
"It's been 16 weeks since I started the program - thank you! I have gained twenty pounds of muscle (I started at 124lbs) and weigh more than I ever have in my life."
Kevin W., Washington

Gained 35 lbs in 3 months!
"I went from 130 lbs to 147 and gaining more thanks to you, boy dieting for me is a awful commitment but I plan to stick and reach my goal."

[update, 3 months later]"...thanks for everything brother I reached my dream!!! I was once 130 lbs now I am at 165, I have to tell all the skinny guys out there that this is the best thing that has ever happened to me ...you're book of course, is the thing that got me going..."
Raul S., New Mexico

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Weight Gaining Testimonials