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Losing Weight Safely - Tips and Tricks for Obesity Related Problems

In the modern times where the concept of slimming and being low on weight is quite a phenomenon, there seems to be an unhealthy practice often followed for the reduction of weight of the Body beyond control. Of course, there is nothing wrong in controlling one's body weight, but that must not result in under-nourishment of the Body.

According to an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, millions of people in the United States take dieting at any given time and spend over $33 billion per year on weight reduction plans.

People who are over-weight are at an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. It is necessary that the weight be monitored at regular intervals to avoid any illness or malfunctioning of the Body.

There must be realistic goals and that must not lead to over-exertion or dehydration. The body must not be starved and a rich, balanced and nutritive diet must be taken to ensure that the Body get its required demand.

Normal man and women requires upto 2,500 calories per day. There must be proper diet and sleep and a minimum of 30 minutes of exercises daily to be in a good shape. The purpose is to utilize more calories than you eat.

Eating up of less Fat and Sugar would help to cut on the intake of calories. Fried foods, fizzy drinks and fatty desserts are not advisable and moreover these foods are unable to provide the daily dose of nutrients required by the Human Body.

Tips & Precautions:

  1. Balanced diet plan must be adopted.
  2. Exercise must be made a routine affair.
  3. Consultation from a Health expert before commencing weight loss plan.
  4. Intake of essential elements and making sure the body is not dehydrated or over-exhausted.
  5. Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sedatives and drugs.
  6. If already suffering from a disease, please consult your doctor to make sure the plan is not likely to cause any side-effects.
  7. Junk foods or frozen food must be avoided.
  8. Eat several small meals than large meals.
  9. Eat high-protein and high calorie enriched food.
  10. Aerobics exercises are beneficial.

Side Effects of Abnormal Weight:

  1. Blood pressure is lowered.
  2. High levels of blood glucose are reduced abnormally.
  3. Irregular breathing during sleeping hours.
  4. Reduces the risk of osteoarthritis of the joints

The person who wants to lose his weight must aim to lose no more than 1-2lbs in weight each week. There is also a loss of both lean tissue and body fat during loss of weight and that must not be neglected. The target must not be unrealistic and the diet must include food of your choice and it must be in accordance with the advice of your doctor or trainer.

What must I do to lead a Healthy Lifestyle?

  1. Eat regular meals.
  2. Take bread, potatoes, rice or pasta
  3. Have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  4. Avoid spreading fats and vegetable oils
  5. Use low fat varieties of dairy products, fish and meat.
  6. Reduce the quantum of chocolate, biscuits, cakes, instant puddings.
  7. Avoid intake of nicotine, drugs, alcohol and sedatives.

It is medically considered safer to wait for at least two months postpartum to purposely take on losing weight as by that time, the body is accustomed to recover from childbirth and begin a good supply of milk.

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