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Beginner Weight Lifting

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Workout accessories for a Beginner Weight Lifter

Although if you don't want to invest in your own weight-training equipment, other accessories might be worthwhile considering.

Training gloves for Beginner Lifting Weight

Training gloves are very essential for a beginner lifting weight. It gives your palms just enough padding to improve your grip of the bar or dumbbells and prevent calluses and blisters forming on your hands. They are useful for any pressing, pulling or curling movement.

Using gloves is also more hygienic than using bare hands - weight-lifting apparatus which can be sweaty and dirty, and an ideal breeding place for germs. However, do make sure that you wash your gloves regularly.

Training belt

A training belt is thought to provide extra support for the lower back to a beginner lifting weight. However, it is only advantageous when using maximal weights, and then only for certain exercises performed vertically which place considerable stress on the vertebrae, such as heavy squats and dead lifts. It helps under these circumstances by increasing abdominal wall pressure. The tighter the belt, the greater the abdominal pressure against the spine, which thereby helps to protect the discs and other vulnerable structures. The abdominal wall should be drawn in towards the spine when lifting with a belt rather than being pushed out against it.

Do not use a belt for lighter exercises or if you have a lower-back injury or weakness(Browse through our section of lower back injury which deals with occurrence, symptoms, prevention, treatment of lower back injury by clicking on the link above). Using a belt for any other exercises in your workout can stimulate incorrect movement of the abdominal wall, leading to a weakening of the abdominal muscles.


Grip failure can be a limiting factor in pulling movements such as chins, seated rows and lat pull-downs. Up to a point, training without straps will help to develop the forearm muscles and strengthen your grip. However, once your grip strength starts to limit the amount of weight you can use or reduce the number of reps you can do, you should use straps. They will help you to focus on the muscle you are training and reduce the involvement of the limiting muscles. Straps are therefore advantageous for most back exercises and pulling movements performed with heavy weights such as chins, one-arm dumbbell rows, and lat pull-downs.

Knee wraps

Knee wraps can help support the knee joint during heavy leg exercises such as dead lifts and squats because they assist the ligaments in stabilizing the joint. As with training belts, do not rely on wraps if you have a knee injury or to help you lift heavier weights than your strength allows. They are best used for maximal weights (e.g. twice your body weight) rather than as a crutch for lighter sets.

Exercises for beginner Lifting Weight

Browse through our Exercises section by clicking here.

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