Green Tea for Weight Loss


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The Magical Effects of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Today, probably the whole world is going crazy in a bid to look fit and healthy. From going to a gym to taking weight loss supplements, different people are trying different things in order to get in shape. With the progress in science, newly developed methods of reducing weight have today hit the market, one of them being drinking tea. Yes, you would probably not believe, weight loss tea is now on horizon to help you get rid of that unwanted fat and to save you from those many ailments that come with obesity.

Weight loss tea comes in different varieties to suit different tastes. Some of the popular varieties of tea that helps in weight loss include herbal tea, Green tea, Chinese tea, etc.  All these varieties of teas are said to have the same impact when it comes to weight loss.  Green tea is however the most well known tea for shedding weight. The green tea weight loss is increasingly being accepted by people with open arms since it is a natural method to lose weight.

Green tea has been offering several other health benefits besides weight loss to the Chinese from hundreds of years. People have become well aware of the fact that dieting, as a weight loss measure, can result into serious health hazards. Also, people opting for dieting tend to give up after a certain period of time. In such a situation, the benefits of having green tea to lose weight cannot be underestimated.

Several green tea weight loss studies have been carried out in the past few years that proved its key role in decreasing body weight and fat mass. It is said that monitoring your calorie intake is important when you are on a weight loss schedule. In order to lower down calorie intake, people avoid taking food which results in low energy levels and frequent mood swings. As per the weight loss gurus, these feelings of hunger and moodiness can be suppressed with the intake of green tea.

The manufacturers of green tea make tall claims that it can lower down your appetite by as much as sixty percent which is not true. It is also claimed that green tea increases metabolism. Other known health benefits of green tea are prevention of drops and spikes, control of cholesterol, regulation of blood sugar, etc. A weight loss tea may contain cinnamomum, garcinia, tamala, senna leaves, combogia, etc.

There are a few unscrupulous companies that claim that green tea works as an appetite suppressant. However, researchers and studies have refuted this claim. Green tea is recommended to be taken as a support to an exercise schedule. Before switching over to this natural method of weight loss, you should consult an expert. Also, one should refrain from overconsumption of green tea as it can cause several negative side effects. So the next time you order tea, make sure it is green tea. After all, green tea is a healthy tea.
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Green Tea for Weight Loss