Bodyweight Strength Training


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Bodyweight Muscle Strength Training and Exercises

Strength training is the ability of body to generate a muscular force against some kind of resistance offered. Bodyweight training is the strengthening of your muscles using your own body weight as resistance. It means that if you are doing bodyweight strength training then there is no need of lifting heavy weights. The common examples of strength training exercises are push ups, chin ups, parallel dips, dips etc. The main advantage with bodyweight strength exercises is that these exercises can be practiced at home without any kind of exercise equipment. The main advantage of following a bodyweight strength training program is that it

•  Improve your performance in daily routine and sport activities.

•  Reduces the chances of injury by making your muscles more strong and increasing your muscle endurance.

•  Changes your overall personality by changing your body to an attractive shape.

•  Make you more confident. Being confident your attitude towards life changes.

Bodyweight training has the following impacts on the following types of muscle strength.

Maximal Strength

It is the strength which occurs when some force is exerted on the muscles regardless of bodyweight and time.

It is of the following three types:

Concentric Strength: It is the strengthening of muscles by making it short. Concentric strength is the outcome of practicing bodyweight exercises for long duration of time. It generally occurs when you are lifting up your own body weight.

Eccentric Strength: The eccentric strength of muscle improves when the muscle lengthens in order to outcome of your own bodyweight resistance. The eccentric strength tends to develop if you are exerting force to lay down your body.

Static Strength: The static strength of muscles develop when the contraction of muscle occurs towards a stationary object.

Explosive Strength

This type of muscle strength is time dependent. It is also referred as speed strength. It is of following two types

Starting Strength: It is the strength of muscles by which they become able to quickly move a stationary weight.

Acceleration Strength: It is the muscle strength by which you can quickly move a load after it has attained the starting movement.

Bodyweight training helps in the improvement of explosive strength of muscles. Body weight exercises such as polymeric push ups and jumping exercises are helpful in increasing the explosive strength.

Endurance Strength

Endurance strength is the ability of muscles to remain strong for a very long duration of time. In other words it is the ability of muscles to lift a load more number of times without feeling any kind of pain or fatigue. Body weight training exercises when combined with callisthenic exercises are helpful in increasing the endurance strength of body. If bodyweight exercises are done in a proper manner then theses are the safest medium of increasing muscular endurance.

Thus there are a lot of aspects regarding the strengthening body and body weight training is enough to meet all these aspects.

If body weight exercises are combined creatively with callisthenic and cardio exercises then these are the best way of achieving your fitness goals more quickly and in safest manner.
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