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The Factors That Affects Strength

It is worth analyzing that one person build up strength and muscles faster as compared to the other when both of them are said to undergo identical exercises and recommended training regimen plans. This misguides the deprives person who thinks that he must be doing something wrong somewhere since he is not benefited the same as his or her colleague. At this juncture I would suggest him to comprehend that there are six basic features that affect every individual's ability of attaining strength and muscles building up on which perhaps the human has no control absolutely anyway.

Kind of muscle fiber is considered as one of the most dominant features in muscle fiber type. Every human has a couple of basic kinds of muscle fibers that are mostly better known as the slow twitch and the fast twitch, of which the slow twitch muscle fibers are utilized the most for cardiovascular - aerobic activities. They are believed to generate petite levels of strength for extended periods of time and hence they are most effectively suited for the stamina activities. Whereas the fast twitch muscle fibers are utilized the most for the anaerobic activities since they are believed to be generating improved levels of strength for the brief phases and thus are considered to be the ideally suited for the power activities including weight lifting routines. Although most of the people have the equal combination of these twitches, but some have inherited the higher percentage of slow twitch muscle fibers that improve their performance.

Age is another factor where the person has no control. Studies reveal that people of any age can enhance their muscle size and strength with the help of safe and effective strength training program. After attaining the standard physical maturity, the muscular developments usually inhibit.

Though gender of a person does not affect the quality of the muscle fibers but it does sway its quantity anyway. While both male and female's muscle tissues are naturally identical, the males usually have more muscle tissues as compared to that of the females as the size of male's muscles are increased by the presence of the testosterone that are known as the male sex hormones. This means that the larger the muscles, the stronger the male and perhaps that is the basic reason why most of the males are stronger as compared to the females overall.

The lengths of limb and muscles are also the features worth considering while evaluating strength. The guys having shorter limbs are believed to be able to lift more weight due to the beneficial power features - arms and legs. In the same manner, the differences in strength development may be the point due to the difference in muscle lengths. Some people have longer muscles while some have shorter and those having longer muscles have better potential for increasing size and strength as compared to those having somewhat shorter muscles.

Point of tendon insertion tends to persuade the muscle strength, for instance, the persons having identical arm and leg lengths, yet one person's biceps tendon connects to his forearm beyond his elbow joint than the other. This provided biomechanical benefit like he is able to lift more weight that the other in biceps exercises like the biceps curl.

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