Strength Training for Seniors


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Muscle Strength Training for Seniors and Older People

Strength training for seniors is also necessary these days to stay fit. The sooner the senior people start these exercises in their life better it will be them in the later stages of their life. The strength of the muscles decreases as we get old. This strength can be maintained with the help of strength training exercises. Strength training helps the older people to get rid of movement, joint, balance and muscle related problems.

The strength training for seniors is not similar to the younger people. The strength training program for the seniors is designed in such a way that it provides strength to the weaker muscles with less effort as the senior people generally gets tired because of strength training workout.

The best solution to strengthen the old muscles is strength training exercises. The strength training exercises for poor people are very simple and can be easily performed at gym or even at home. Generally a few equipments are used in the strength training programs designed for seniors.

Various Strength Training Exercises for Older People

The strength training exercises designed for seniors the main focus is on the stretching exercises as no equipments are used in stretching exercises. For strengthening the arms and legs of old people generally exercise with light weights are recommended. When weights are used by the seniors then proper attention must be paid towards them to avoid any kind of injury.

Strength training exercise for strengthening the back of the old people is back extension. In this exercise a person need to lay down his stomach and try to lift the shoulders and back up. A person needs not to lift himself very high. Only lifting up to that much height at which the stress can be feel is more than enough. Back extension can also be done in the standing position by lifting the shoulders up.

The strengthening of senior people legs can be done by using two chairs. The person needs to sit down on a chair. Place the second chair in front of you. Place your legs on the chair one by one and then try to touch your toes with your hands. The older people can strengthen their thighs by simply standing up and then try to bend towards their knees ass much as they can.

The best thing poor people can do is to consult a doctor before starting a strength training program. They can also join strength training programs in the gym designed especially for seniors. They can also learn the exercises with the help of books and videos.

Strength Training Tips for Seniors

Always pay proper attention towards your joints while doing exercise. So do not allow your joints to go through full range of motion.

If you feel pain after exercise then take advice from your expert.

Do not over exercise. Only do simple exercise with less number of repetitions.

If you are trying a new exercise then ask your expert to stand in front of you so that he can observe your technique.
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