Strength Training Machines


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Muscle Strength Training Machines and Equipments

Strength training is a workout for the strengthening of body muscles. It also helps in increasing bone density thereby making the bones stronger. The other benefit of strength training is that it helps in improving the immune system of body so that chances of injury can be minimized. There are a lot of strength training exercises to increase the endurance and performance of muscles. Machine is supposed to play a major role in practicing these exercises. The strength training machine is the important part of any strength training program.

Advantages of Strength Training Machines

•  It helps to perform the exercise in a correct posture thereby reduces the chances of the injury.

•  Machines are helpful in increasing the intensity of workout in comparison with free loads

Kinds of Strength Training Machines

If you are going to start a strength training program at home or gym then you need to look out for the best machines. There are different types of strength training machines available in market. Some of the machines are specifically designed for a particular muscle group. These type of machine focuses on that particular muscle group for which it has been designed. You cannot workout for other muscle groups with these machines while some other strength training machines are multipurpose. You can practice a number of exercises on these machines and for different muscle groups as well. There are also multi station strength training machines available in market. The main advantage of these machines is that they require very less space and that is why these machines are generally preferred by the people who practice strength training exercises at home. Moreover these machines are easy to move also from one place to another. It is a well known fact that free weights are necessary for increasing the strength of muscles along with machines but the disadvantage associated with free weights is that free weight exercises are difficult to practice and chances of injury are higher. A few examples of strength training machines are:

Leg Press Machine: It is a strength training machine which is designed for the complete workout for calves and thigh muscles. The advantage of using this machine is that it saves knees from overstressing.

Hack Squat Machine: This strength training machine helps in the strengthening of thigh muscles.

Smith Machine: This machine is like a barbell in which weights are attached 2.5 meters apart and the motion of machine is restricted in vertically upward and downward direction.

Strength training exercises and machines are helpful in improving the workout intensities but it is recommended to use strength training machines under the guidance of an experienced and certified trainer to get maximum benefits because you need to adopt some techniques while working out on these machines which can be told only by an experienced trainer.

Chin Up Bars: This machine is specifically designed for the strengthening of biceps and chest muscles. In this machine you lift your own weight for muscle strengthening.
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