Muscle Strength Training


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Muscle Strength Training Exercises and Programs

The goal of muscle strength training is to enhance the strength of muscles.

Relative Muscle Strength: In relative muscle strength the strength of muscle is increased without any gain in body weight. The best examples are the rock climbers and t gymnasts who requires maximum strength for their sport. But if they do it on the expense of putting fat on their muscles then their performance in their respective fields will decrease.

Absolute Muscle Strength: In absolute muscle strength, the strength of muscles is increased by increasing fat content of muscles. More the mass of muscle stronger it will be. The best examples are power weight lifters and wrestlers.

Types of Muscle Strength Training Exercises and Programs

Barbell: It is the simplest way of improving muscle strength. The more weight you put on bar more will be your muscle strength. The examples of weight lifting exercises for improving muscle strength are bench press, squat, overhead press, dead lift and barbell row.

Body Weight Exercises: It uses your own body weight as resistance. These exercises are difficult to perform in beginning but when your strength improves you can easily perform these exercises to improve your muscle size and shape. The examples of these exercises are pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips and pistols.

Machines: These are the simplest way of doing exercise in comparison with body weight exercises and weight lifting because the body weight gets properly balanced in case of machines. It also helps muscles to move in a certain pattern and postures thereby decreasing the risks of injuries.

Benefits of Muscle Strength Training Exercises

Building Muscle: Muscle strength training helps the muscle to increase their size and mass. Lean muscle mass is not the goal of muscle strength training program rather it is a byproduct of this program.

Fat Burn: Muscle strength training exercises helps in burning the extra calories consumed by muscles, thus it helps to stay fit and in shape. If proper diet is taken along with muscle strength training exercises then the results are more overwhelming.

Increasing Muscle Health: Muscle strength training helps the muscles to increase their performance and endurance. It also improves bone density and strengthens the joints. Thus it helps in improving the overall health of muscles.

Essentials Tips for a Successful Strength Training Programs:

•  Always start with warm up exercises. It will help in improving the oxygen supply in blood which actually helps to warm the muscles. It also helps in the lubrication of joints.

•  Stretch: Stretching exercises are also a part the successful strength training program. It provides flexibility to muscles.

•  If you are a beginner then do simple exercises. Increase the resistance in your exercises gradually otherwise muscle fatigue can occur.

•  Always do your exercises by making the right postures of body because if your body postures are correct then muscle will be strengthened quickly.

Always do your muscle strength training according to the capacity of body. Never sacrifice the accuracy of exercises for more repetitions and more weight.
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