Strength Training at Home


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Muscle Strength Training and Exercises at Home

If some body is fond of getting a good shaped body with enlarged muscles then strength training is the best method to achieve this goal. The main advantage associated with strength training is that you get results very soon. There are two ways to join a strength training program. You can join a strength training program at gym or you can start it at your home. If you are looking to start a strength training program at home then you need to follow some attention like you are not suffering from any cardiovascular disease such as blood pressure and coronary heart disease to avoid any kind of disaster during workout. You can consult a doctor regarding your physical health before starting strength training workout.

Advantages of Strength Training at Home

Saves Time: You don't need to travel a distance if you are doing training at home. Thus it saves some time which is very valuable for the working people. It also saves the money you spent in traveling that distance.

Less equipments: The main advantages of starting a strength training program at home is that you require only a few training equipments. Dumbbell is the most common strength training equipment used at home. There are different types of dumbbells available in market. You can choose a dumbbell according to your body strength.

Less Space: Less space is required if you are training yourself at home. You can use your courtyard to start your strength training program at home. The best place for starting a strength training program is garage because it provides a safe space to keep your equipments there.

Disadvantages of Strength Training Exercises at Home

•  There is unavailability of fitness expert if you are training yourself at home, so no body is there to notice the techniques followed by you.

•  At home there are no other people with whom you can compete with. So there is an inconvenient atmosphere at home due to which your interest gradually starts to decrease after some days.

Strength Training Exercises for Home

Push Ups: You can practice this exercise according to your capacity facing a wall. You need to lie on your stomach to try this exercise with bending down the knees. In this exercise toes are placed on the ground. One thing should be kept in mind that while practicing this exercise the position of hips and shoulders must be in a straight line.

Triceps Dips: You can use a chair to practice this exercise. Place your palms on a chair with your foot touching the floor. Now bend the elbows for lowering of body, and that straightens the elbows to come in starting position.

Regular Abdominal Crunches: Place a mat on the ground. Lay down on the ground by holding your hands on neck and bending the knees downward. Now try to lift the torso upward near to knees. You can practice 15 to 20 repetitions of this exercise daily for toned abs.

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