Strength Training for Weight Loss


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Strength Training for Weight Loss

Strength training helps in the development of lean muscles by reducing the fat content of muscles but this is a slow process and you require patience. In strength training the body weight is not increased but the strengthening and toning of muscles takes place and body starts to look more muscular.

A Best Approach for loosing weight

Strength training is better than dieting for loosing weight. It is so because if you are eating less than normal then it lowers down the metabolic rate of your body and thus fewer calories are burnt when you perform your tasks. For this reason after dieting a person needs fewer calories to put on weight. People who diets for so long develop the deficiency of fuel needed in them while doing strength training. This becomes a cause for them to acquire weight in future. A good strength training program not only helps to loose weight but it also helps to face ageing more easily as it provides strength to the muscles due to which muscles remains very active in old age also. Strength training is a better approach than dieting because it makes the body look more firm and muscular unlike to dieting that can make the body appearance soft and shabby. Strength training is better than cardio for loosing weight because in cardio exercises large amount of calories are burnt in a very small time which increases the chances of cardiovascular problems such as heart failures and strokes. Strength training is better than cardio exercises for loosing weight because it not only burns the calories during the workout session; it also burns the calories even if you are at rest.

Strength Training and Metabolic Rate

Strength training increases the metabolic rate of your body due to which the calories are burnt in a more efficient manner no matter you are sitting on a chair or sleeping. It is estimated that strength training boosts the metabolic rate of body by 15 percent. If you are burning more calories than the chances of accumulation of fat are very less.

Strength Training for Permanent Weight Loss

Everybody wants to loose weight more quickly. But the wrong thing with this kind of approach is that if you are loosing weight more quickly than normal than there are more chances of acquiring it back. If you are loosing more than three ponds in a week then it is not only reducing your weight but it is also causing some health defects. It is best to reduce two pound during a week with the help of proper weight training exercise and taking balanced diet by avoiding carbohydrate foods. You need to do weight training exercise 60 to 90 minutes in a day for reducing weight. You also need to do weight training workout at least three times a week. You need to do warm up exercises before starting the actual training workout because it will help in burning extra calories and you will be able to loose weight more quickly.

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