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Andro Supplements - Side Effects - Andro Ban

What are Andro Supplements?

Andro supplements include androstenedione and androstenediol. They are precedent to testosterone. Although you produce them naturally in the adrenal glands, yet they are also available as supplements. The' andro' hormones have very little muscle-building activity themselves, but the theory is that 'andro' supplements will convert into testosterone in your body and increase your testosterone levels. As testosterone - a powerful anabolic hormone which increases your strength, muscle mass and athletic performance. It is classed as a banned substance and is illegal to buy, they could therefore be viewed as a legal alternative for strength and power athletes.

Do Andro Supplements work?

Despite excessive claims made by the manufacturers, the andro supplements do not enhance strength, muscle mass or athletic performance when taken in the dosages recommended by the manufacturers. In 'The Andro Project', researchers at East Tennessee State University carried out a major study of the effects of 'andro' supplements in 50 men aged 35-65 and found no evidence to back up the manufacturers' claims. The men took part in a 12-week weight-training programme and were given either 200 mg androstenedione, 200 mg androstenediol or a placebo (dummy pill). Although testosterone levels increased by 16% after one month in those taking the androstenedione, by the end of 12 weeks they went back to normal. That's because their bodies shut down their own production of testosterone. All the men got stronger during the 12-week programme but there was no difference between those taking the 'andro' supplements and those taking the placebo. What's more, levels of the female hormone oestrogen rose in those using supplements! This could lead to feminisation over a period of time, the opposite of what male strength trainers want to achieve.

What dose of Andro Supplements should I take?

Clearly, the doses of 200 mg recommended by manufacturers of andro supplements do not raise testosterone levels nor change your body composition. Androstenedione may raise testosterone levels when taken in higher doses (300 mg), according to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital/University of Massachesetts Medical School, but they still fail to increase stength or muscle mass.

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Are there any side effects of androstenedione?

The androstenedione raise levels of female sex hormones, including oestrogen and its related compounds. This could lead to gynecomastia (breast development) and lowered libido in men. Some manufacturers recommended taking an oestrogen blocker, chrysin, to counteract this side effect. However, there is no evidence that it works. Another serious side effect of 'andro' use is lowered levels of high-density liporotein or the' good' cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease.

Two more good reasons not to take andro supplements are the danger of contamination and the risk of failing a drugs test. In a study carried out at the University of California, Los Angeles, all those taking androstenedione were found to have high levels of 19­norandrosterone (the standard marker for nandrolone use) in their urine. The levels were high enough to 'test positive' in a drugs test for steroids. 'Andro' itself does not produce 19-norandrosterone, so researchers concluded that the 'andro' supplements were contaminated with it. When researchers then analysed seven brands of androstenedione, they found that five did not contain the amount stated on the label while one actually contained testosterone!

Should we ban andro supplements?

At the time of publication, androstenedione is banned at Olympics but is still legal to buy and readily available from manufactures of bodybuilding supplements. It is not yet classed as an illegal anabolic steroid but a number of scientists are seeking justification to ban it. The fact that it is chemically very similar to testosterone makes it a likely candidate. However, scientists would also need to prove to drug-enforcement agencies that androstenedione builds muscle. As there is mounting evidence that it doesn't promote muscle growth, it may not receive a ban in the end and could continue to be sold under misleading claims.

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