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Top 10 Tips To Well Defined Triceps

Body building involves workouts and exercise of several different body parts and muscles, the major of which include biceps and triceps. The triceps could be defined as the three headed muscle situated at the back of the upper arm. The most common problem with the triceps is that as the person grows older, the triceps would get becomes softer and gelatinous. There is of course the way out to bring the triceps back to its original position just by pursuing some regular training regimens. Though it is advisable to go to the gym for necessary training, but if you cannot spare time for going to the gym anyway, you can easily do it at your home simply by making good use of your furniture as gym equipments.

Some of the ideal exercises for shaping up the different body parts and muscles as suggested by the experts are mentioned below -

Press ups - This exercise is especially designed for the apprentices who have absolutely no experience regarding the strength training workout regimens. Take the standing posture facing towards the wall or just lie down on the floor and start doing press ups against the wall or the floor as the case may be. Ensure that you get the optimal area of movement at the elbow joint.

Isometric Lat pull - The shoulders are equally required to be exercised and strengthened. So again take the standing pose by allowing your shoulders keeping low and relaxed, the chest as well as the rib cage in the lifted position and the abdominal area constricted. Then raise the arms over the head line and cross your wrists holding one in the other hands making two fists with the hands. Constrict the muscles in the arms, shoulders and the upper back region and hold the constriction for a few seconds.

Dips - This exercise directs you to line up flat the exercise bench which should be at far enough distance so that when you lean on with the palms of your hands, the heels of your feet would exactly fit on the edging of the bench allowing you not to fall off. Bend your fingers around the edges of the exercise bench by holding your hands outside of the hips.

Dumbbell kickbacks - It is suggested this exercise should be initiated by holding the light weight dumbbell in your right hand with your palms facing inside towards your body direction. Keep the right foot on the ground, the left knee and the left hand should be kept resting on the bench for proper support. The upper arms should be so positioned so that the body portion from your shoulder to the elbow remains parallel to the floor levels and stationary all through out. The elbow should remain in close to the body and the back should be straight and almost parallel to the floor.

Always remember that while using the barbell the total reps should be around 40 but with the use of the dumbbells the total number of reps would be approx. 60. You should do the sets of 8 to 10 for the most part. Also for the barbell work, use the straight bar and not the EZ curl bar. Maintain the shorter rest periods between 15 to 60 seconds.

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