Basic Weight Training


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Basic Weight Training of Muscles

Weight training is the right kind of workout for strengthening of muscles. It improves the body metabolism thereby resulting a muscular and healthier body. Weight training has gained so much popularity among men, women and teenagers. In weight training the muscles endurance is tested against solid metals. If anybody wants an attractive physique then he need to do his weight training exercise regularly. Proper weight training technique, balanced diet and true supplementation are essential for a fit and healthy body. In the absence of all these aspects you cannot attain a healthy body.

Basic Weight Training Guidelines

If you are a beginner than you need to do light exercises. Never attempt to do free weight exercises in the beginning. It is best to do weight training in morning with the help of machines because machine provides best control for your body and reduces the chances of injury. Never compromise with accuracy for more repetitions and heavy loads as it can effect your weight training program.

Advantages of Basic Weight Training

Set Routine: It helps you to become self disciplined because your daily routine is set up by weight training habits.

Improves Immunity: With daily weight training workouts, the muscles get toned resulting in a stronger and healthier body. In this way the immunity of body gets increased because a strong body can easily fight against diseases. It also helps in improving the mental condition of a person. Endorphin secretion occurs because of weight training which is helpful in fighting or preventing diseases like depression and anxiety. Weight training also helps to increase the muscle mass thereby strengthening the joints and reducing the chances of diseases like osteoporosis.

Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases: A complete weight training workout is helpful in nourishing the flow of blood in heart, lungs and kidneys. Thus it helps in reducing the risk of diseases like heart attack, lungs and kidney related problems.

Attractive Physique: Weight training helps in the strengthening muscles by increasing the size. It also helps the body to come in a perfect shape. Thus by weight training you can get a good physique that can completely change your personality. A person having good personality also feels good and confident.

Fat Loss: Basic weight training also helps in the proper consumption of food we take. Thus the chances of putting on the fat are minimized because no extra calorie left because of proper consumption of food which can be converted into fat.

Disadvantages of Weight Training

In weight training you are lifting the loads and to lift these loads proper posture and control on body is required. If during weight training this control on body is lost than it can lead to the wear and tear of muscles of your body. This is the case of internal injury. Moreover if by mistake the weight falls down on your body then it can injure you externally as well as internally. So you need a supporter during exercise so that he can help you when needed.

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