Weight Training Workout for Toned Body

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Weight Training Workout for a Toned Body

Weight training workouts have become a fad among the youth all over the world, thanks to the influence of their favorite movie icons and sports stars. Weight training workouts involve exercises with resistance and are done to build up muscle mass and strength. Weight training work out include free weights, machines, dumbbells and the like, which offer resistance and the body does work to overcome the resistance.

Weight training is another form of strength training where weights are used to increase strength and to tone up the muscles. The best part is that there are weight training programs to target specific body parts, to ensure the best possible results.

Weight Training Tones You Up

Weight training helps you to gain muscle and to shed fat. Muscles are the most active tissues in our body and with every pound of muscle, 50 calories are burned off. Studies have shown that weight training enhances basic metabolic rate (BMR) by over 15%.

The introductory weight training session might have one or two sets of each exercise in the initial two weeks to be followed by a 21 day cycle of the remaining three sets weeks. You can systematically increase the resistance with each successive weight sets. In case the elusive 6 pack abs is becoming a mirage by every passing day, you should put some serious thought at the work out patterns that you have. Basic cardio and weight training would help to burn calories and tighten and sculpt the muscles.

Combining a cardio exercise including cycling, swimming or jogging with a weight session is found to be more effective than doing just one type of exercise all day. It might no be as easy as it sounds. Patience and determination holds the key to success. Just like not many good things in life come to you on a platter, a perfect figure also is something that you should earn it by sheer perseverance and hard work.

Timing Your Weight Training

Start the weight training on a slow note and work it up from there to something rigorous. Never ignore a healthy and whole some diet plan to back up your work out spells. It is better to keep off from smoking and alcohol consumption as it might spoil your health drastically.

Weight Training Schedule

While weight training, make sure that you alternate training the major muscles of both the upper and lower body by including two exercises for each major muscle group of the upper body.

  • After the weight training schedule of each muscle group take a brief rest of one minute between the first four sets. The last two steps are completed with no breaks in between. Before starting the exercise for the next muscle group, allow a 2 minute rest for the body to cool.
  • Planning your weight training session before you start doing it is important as a systematic approach will only be effective. You cannot switch sets or programs abruptly
  • A journal could be maintained to note down the time and the type of exercise being done at a particular phase so that you can make necessary changes if the results are not encouraging

Weight training programs are time tested and effective and if you do these in the right spirit and seriousness you can flaunt a dream figure in no time!









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Weight Training Workout for Toned Body